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Egg recalls for Salmonella contamination have been soaring across global news outlets. Whether producing fresh, liquid, dried, scrambled, hard, whole eggs, egg whites, or egg yolks, egg producers, processors and exporters have to comply with local and international regulations by setting up a strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan) to monitor their operations and minimize the incidence of pathogens. 


Choosing the right testing and monitoring solutions to guarantee those perfect conditions prevents losses to finished products, and ensures profitability. bioMérieux acts as a skilled partner to provide the exact technological solutions that you need.

Product List

  • GENE-UP® Pathogenic E. coli

    Unrivaled Accuracy

    GENE-UP® Pathogenic E. Coli (PEC) brings accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use detection for the top pathogenic strains that threaten public health and brand reputation. In just 60 minutes after enrichment, you get unrivaled accuracy and rapid results.
  • GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella

    True Quantification

    GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella brings efficiency and ease with accurate quantification of Salmonella. With no incubation or enrichment required, you get reliable results with true quantification for informed and efficient intervention decisions.
  • MASTERCLAVE® Media Preparator    

    Broth and Culture Media Preparation

    MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that improves your laboratory workflow, from media to sample preparation.
  • SMASHER® Sample Blender

    High-Performance Blender

    The SMASHER® is a high-performance bag blender that ensures homogenous samples prior to microbial detection or identification tests.
  • TEMPO® Quality Indicator Solution

    Automated Quality Indicator Solution

    TEMPO® is a fully automated enumeration system that tests quality indicators in food products and environmental samples within your laboratory.