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Platelet Contamination Testing

The rapid detection of bacterial contaminants in platelets is crucial to ensuring patient safety and therapeutic efficacy.

We provide FDA cleared solutions to extend platelet shelf life to 7 days with single step Large Volume Delayed Sampling strategy, ensuring quality and uncompromised function.

A Comprehensive Offering

We provide blood centers with all the system components required to perform bacterial platelet quality control, including the reagents, automation, and software needed to trace these processes. Our range of solutions has been specifically designed to improve laboratory workflow and the availability, quality, and safety of blood products for blood centers. 

Product List


    The Method Of Choice For Rapid Sterility Testing

    The BACT/ALERT® 3D was developed as an effective and safe solution for industrial sterility testing. From its ease of use to its flexible data management, the BACT/ALERT® 3D is a state-of-the art microbial detection system suitable for any size laboratory, providing you with a reliable and objective alternative to traditional microbial detection methods.


    The Next Dimension in Platelet Quality Control

    The BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® is the new standard in platelet culture detection systems—a fully automated solution with quicker time to detection and minimal hands on time.

  • SAMPLOK® Sampling Kit

    Simple & Efficient Platelet Sampling

    Proper platelet sampling gives you confidence in your test results and improves your productivity. Streamline your platelet sampling and transfer to BACT/ALERT® Culture Media Bottles with our SAMPLOK® Sampling Kit.