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BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma


BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma is a fully automated system that provides simple, accurate,  rapid in-house mycoplasma detection for use in testing raw materials, in-process samples, and final product release. We offer validation services designed to meet regulatory requirements—from documentation to comprehensive on-site support.

Product Details

There's a better way to do mycoplasma testing — you no longer have to send out your testing, wait 28 days for the compendial method, or rely on a molecular biologist with specialized training. BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma allows  nearly anyone to test for mycoplasma anywhere in the facility at any time, with results in under an hour!

BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma and Man


BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma is a revolutionary approach to mycoplasma testing that brings value to biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The current rapid methods available are complicated, requiring highly trained personnel and lengthy turnaround times. The BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma solution provides results in less than an hour, is fully automated, and requires only 2 minutes of hands-on-time.

Thanks to its ease-of-use and small footprint, BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma enables at-line testing near sample collection sites, by personnel non-specialized in mycoplasma detection or molecular techniques.

Safeguard your bioproduction procedures, minimize the impact of costs associated with a possible contamination in the factory, and gain valuable time in releasing batches with BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma.

  • Cell Banks
  • In-Process Controls
  • Culture Media
  • Release Tests At The Harvest

The Mycoplasma Testing Revolution

Test Components

The BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma system consists of just two simple components—the FILMARRAY® instrument and the single-use “molecular lab in a pouch” disposable. With these two items, you have everything you need for fast, accurate mycoplasma testing.


  • Two minutes of hands-on time
  • Fully automated
  • Go from sample to result in less than 60 minutes
  • Test raw materials, in process samples, and final products
  • Detects more than 120 strains of mycoplasma and mollicutes


  • 21 CFR Part 11 enabled software
    • Audit Trail
    • User management and access control
    • Data Archiving tool

Seamless IT Integration

  • Our experts are here every step of the way:
    • LIMS Connectivity
    • Network and Domain integration
    • Corporate antivirus compatibility

Services: Feasibility, Validation, and Instrument Support

Your productivity and product quality are our priority. At bioMérieux, we aren’t just selling fast and reliable solutions – our technical team and scientific experts are fully committed to help you get the most out of your equipment, to ensure the continuity of your operations.

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From feasibility, to installation and IT integration and training, our entire range of services can be customized to your needs throughout your whole journey with us, focusing on your core business and optimizing your resources. 



  • FDA CBER Type V Master File Available
  • Methold validation guidance
  • Compendial method comparability report
  • Installation, operation, and performance qualification support
  • Feasability Service
Image Feasability Study

Feasibility Studies

We’ll prove the compatibility of your matrices with a validated bioMérieux platform depending on your microbiological specifications.

Validation Protocols 

We help you expedite the implementation of your investment by reducing validation time and expense.

Supply Services 

We help you minimize your administrative operations so you can focus on your core business activities.

Instrument Service Plans & Support

We support you with service maintenance and repairs, ensuring the reliable continuity of your operations.

Smart Remote Services 

Through our Smart Remote solutions VILINK®, EASY ASSIST and SELF ASSIST, we’re able to fix most of your issues remotely and assist your laboratory specialists in achieving full autonomy.