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Providing fully automated solutions to meet the ever-growing challenges in clinical microbiology testing.

Lab Automation

bioMérieux continually innovates to offer instruments and reagents to meet our customers' needs. We’ve applied that innovative spirit together with our expertise in microbiology to offer a unique partnership solution with the company COPAN to maximize lab efficiency and meet the challenges of today – and tomorrow.

What challenges are clinical microbiology labs facing?

The global market landscape has been changing for many years, and our testing labs are facing a variety of challenges because of this:

  • Increased workload
  • Labor shortages
  • Higher financial & medical pressure
  • Less biology-focused staff
  • More competition
  • Need for antimicrobial stewardship
  • Regulatory & accreditation compliance

For over a decade now, these market challenges have created a worldwide “consolidation phenomenon” that has not only affected commercial labs, but also hospital labs. Due to this, labs like yours are being forced to do much more to increase your revenues, to offset operational costs, and balance the global financial pressures in the market, which was one of the original triggers of this market consolidation.

Consolidation has also created a centralization of analytical systems in “central labs” and consequently a centralization of samples. So, testing labs have had to face huge increases in the numbers of samples to be processed each day. Due to market labor shortages, specifically less biology-focused staff, it is increasingly difficult for labs to meet workload demands.

Given this range of pressures, how does your lab manage and keep your competitive edge?

How do the clinical microbiology labs face these challenges?

Processing more and more samples to increase revenues is a matter of survival for most labs. However, you can only achieve this if you have the right partners to provide proven expertise, reliable systems, organizational plans, and proven processes to implement in your labs. You need a partner who has expertise to support you in your strategical plans.

You must also be very mindful of your customers' satisfaction. Your reputation depends on the medical value you provide and your ability to produce more samples, reduce your time to result, and provide reliable and actionable results; you are being forced to take an industrialization path to face these challenges.

How can bioMérieux Help?

bioMérieux is a trusted advisor. Our lab automation solutions are not just about systems and reagents, but about working together to meet our customers' strategic and long-term goals.

We want to help you carry out your growth strategies and empower you to face the current challenges and consequences of market consolidation, so you continue to move forward and grow.

Our Lab Automation Solutions provide:

  • High Productivity & Sustainability with a fully automated processing of more than 90% of clinical samples (routine) on a daily basis, reducing hands on time and time to result
  • Lab Efficiency for better control of operational costs (FTE, consumables, waste management, etc…) while still increasing revenues
  • Robustness & Reliability of Hardware (WASP®, WASPLab®, Colibrí™) allowing to process from 100 to 2500+ samples/day
  • Improved Plates Interpretation with PhenoMATRIX® software providing high medical value (PhenoMATRIX® decision trees use information from LIS) and final results based on patient clinical information and plates interpretation outcomes
  • Modularity and Scalability of the Solution to adapt the solution configuration to your budgetto any situation, or lab configuration, and provide a stepwise approach
  • Ergonomics & Safety with easy-to-use solution and easy-to-learn operation to speed up the adoption by the technicians while maintaining strict safety protocols (samples and technicians)
  • Full digital traceability of the specimen from samples collection to result with a full connection to our VITEK® MS, VITEK® MS PRIME, and VITEK® 2.

bioMérieux Knows Labs

With more than 60 years' experience working with microbiology labs, we have been a trusted and steadfast presence during the ever-evolving challenges that laboratories face around the world. 


Our Unique Lab Automation Offer

Our lab automation offering is unique and the most complete on the market. Empowered by bioMérieux, our solution combines the innovative automation of COPAN with the cutting-edge expertise in microbiological diagnostics of bioMérieux to deliver a true partnership solution supporting the lab from sample collection to results delivery. 

We believe in creating solutions that we “co-build” with our customers, specifically the laboratory staff. Human factors and most notably “change management” are key pillars of our approach and have become key success factors in developing and delivering automation solutions for more than a decade.

Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.

  • WASP®

    Automated Microbiology Specimen Processing Instrument

    Quality diagnostic results depend on high standard specimen processing. WASP® is the smart solution for truly comprehensive automation – taking you far beyond plating and streaking to address all aspects of microbiology specimen processing.

    WASP® System is manufactured by COPAN Company.

  • WASPLab®

    Integrated Lab Optimization and Automation

    The flexible automated specimen processing, incubation, and reading solution that adapts to your unique lab setup and workflow – and even grows with you over time.

    WASPLab® System is manufactured by COPAN Company.

  • Liquid Based Microbiology – LBM®

    Universal Tubes for Liquid Sample Collection and Transport

    Protect your sample quality with the unique LBM® range featuring a universal tube format for collection and transport, blood culture, sample pre-treatment and enrichment. This universal liquid-based multi-purpose system maintains viability of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for 48 hours.*


    Optimize Instrument UPTIME to Improve Laboratory Productivity

    A secure solution offering remote access, proactive maintenance, and remote updates. VILINK® diagnoses, solves software and instrument issues, and supports your systems to enable laboratory productivity and efficiency improvements. 


    New Generation Microbiology Middleware

    An innovative, integrated software solution designed to orchestrate your lab routine and transform data into insights.


    Microbiology Expertise and Consultancy to Optimize Lab Performance

    Transforming laboratories together to control costs, maximize quality, shorten time to result, and empower staff.

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