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Our Company Purpose


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We help make the world a healthier place

Our dedication to public health is the thread that connects everything we do. 

It connects us to our history - since 1963, we have been fulfilling the vision of the Mérieux family to improve health, while maintaining the values of respect, accountability, transparency, and sharing.  

Building on our strong legacy, we understand that our expertise in infectious diseases and our international presence give us a special duty to act as a responsible corporate citizen, serving the greater good and the community. ​ 

This commitment also connects us with our environment - infectious diseases are one of the major threats to human kind. 

Their emergence and spread are dramatically accelerated by climate change and globalization. The risk of finding ourselves unarmed to face ultra-resistant bacteria is now a reality. 

Diagnostics is a game changer in this fight. By pioneering diagnostic solutions, we help clinicians improve patient care and we help industries prevent contamination of the food and pharmaceuticals they produce. 

At bioMérieux we are convinced that, only by taking into account our entire ecosystem and the public interest, will we be able to succeed in building a healthier world and a more inclusive society. ​

  • We pioneer, develop and produce high quality in vitro diagnostics to improve public health worldwide. 
  • We sustain a robust business model that allows us to invest in innovation and create value. 
  • We implement environmentally-responsible actions to preserve the planet as a healthy place to live. 
  • We support the  inclusion, well-being and development of our team members, who all help save lives. 
  • We foster transparent and ethical dialogue with the healthcare ecosystem to advance diagnostics.
  • We build long-term partnerships to increase our positive impact on local communities and provide our  support to the most vulnerable populations. 

We are bioMérieux.  We act for a positive impact.  We act for a healthier world.