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Now You Know

Move from test results to actionable insights and make impactful decisions in under 30 hours with GENE-UP® TYPER. This real-time PCR assay utilizes probabilistic typing of specific microorganisms to help identify the root cause of contamination and avoid future recurrence. 

Product Details

GENE-UP® TYPER is a real-time PCR assay for rapid strain specification of microorganisms. Combined with the Augmented-DX platform, GENE-UP® TYPER helps you gain more insight into the contamination present in your facility.

Recurring batch destruction and production stoppage can hurt your bottom line. Incorporating GENE-UP® TYPER into your routine testing allows you to be proactive to avoid a recurring pathogen.

The detection of foodborne pathogens alone is not enough and can sometimes leave you with even more questions, including:

  • Have I seen this strain before?
  • Is this a true contamination or a lab cross-contamination?
  • Is this a persistent strain in my factory? Where?
  • Can I link this to a raw material supplier?

With GENE-UP® TYPER... Now You Know.


How It Works

GENE-UP® TYPER is run on GENE-UP®, offering rapid results in less than 30 hours with minimal hands-on time. 

An investigation with GENE-UP® TYPER begins after a pathogen is detected during routine testing. Following the isolation of the strains present in your sample, DNA is extracted and amplified through real-time polymerase chain reaction with the GENE-UP® TYPER specific assay, delivering actionable insights thus allowing you to make impactful decisions.

The analytical file generated by GENE-UP® is then transferred to the Augmented-DX web application. The probabilistic algorithms analyze the presence/absence profiles to generate the predicted GENE-UP® Typer address and its associated strain cluster in a few seconds.


Two Is Better Than One: The Power of Pathogen Mapping Combined With GENE-UP TYPER®

Make your data even stronger — combine GENE-UP® TYPER results with Pathogen Mapping.

Pathogen Mapping allows you to analyze strain mutations over time by tracking the number of changes. This helps provide an idea of how long and how well a particular microbe has been growing in your environment:

  • Few differences → A persistent strain that is niche in the environment
  • Many differences → Unrelated microbes
  • Identify resistance genes → Biocide, thermal, etc.

Tests / Uses


  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Salmonella Enterica subsp. Enterica (Coming Soon)


Start Your Typing Journey No Matter Your Current State:

You have performed Whole Genome Sequencing and built a strain database.

Directly translate into GENE-UP® TYPER results.

You haven't performed Whole Genome Sequencing, but you have a biobank.

Run GENE-UP® TYPER and/or Pathogen Mapping to generate your historical strain database.

You haven't performed Whole Genome Sequencing, and you don't have a biobank.

Build your strain database progressively by performing GENE-UP® TYPER and/or Pathogen Mapping.

Identify The Root Cause Of Contamination

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