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Environmental Monitoring E-Learning

Increase and align your team’s knowledge on Environmental Monitoring

We built, in collaboration with Food industrials and our Environmental Monitoring Expert Jack Van Der Sanden, an interactive E-Learning on Environmental Monitoring for Pathogens.

This E-Learning aims to help ensure your teams’ knowledge on Environmental Monitoring to ensure that planning and execution are consistent within your organization.

Environmental Monitoring E-Learning

Through this training, master your program on Environmental Monitoring (EM) for pathogens, it includes:

  • What is environmental monitoring, and why is it important?
  • What does a food company need to consider when developing an environmental monitoring strategy and plan for pathogens?
  • How does a food company implement an environmental monitoring plan at their site?

Main Benefits of this Proposal:

Addresses practical, real world application questions, and is built on industry best practices to create a risk-based, targeted monitoring program with guidance on how to respond to its results.

Interview of Jack Van Der Sanden - Food Safety Expert at @bioMérieux  - Benefits of a Good Environmental Monitoring 

Discover :

  • What is a good environmental monitoring program,
  • What are the main challenges, 
  • Why you should implement a environmental monitoring 
  • And why you should train your team!


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