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Being your preferred partner by providing support and services where and when you need!

bioMérieux Services

Your productivity and product quality are our priority. Our technical team and scientific experts are on hand to help you get the most out of your equipment and to ensure the continuity of your operations. Our entire range of services can be customized, allowing you to focus on your core business and optimize your resources.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer dedicated services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry:

  • Our feasibility studies allow you to quickly confirm the compatibility of your product and method.
  • Our validation protocols help you expedite the implementation of your investment by reducing validation time and expense.
  • Our supply services are designed to minimize your administrative operations so you can refocus on your core business activities.
  • Our instrument service plans and support will help you maximize the uptime of your instruments and ensure continuous operations.


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Our services

  • Feasibility Study

    Quickly Confirm Your Product Compatibility and Method

    A feasibility study is probably the single most important consideration when it comes to changing your method of application. Saving you time, resources, and energy, it’s a vital aspect of ensuring compatibility.
  • Instrument Service Plans and Support

    Maximize the Uptime of your Instruments. Ensure Continuous Operations.

    Regular maintenance means more reliable and stable systems that reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and improve the performance of your equipment. Our goal is to provide the service you need, when you need it. In order to achieve this, we’ve developed a range of service packages tailored to laboratories of all sizes.
  • Smart Remote Services


    bioMérieux’s Smart Remote Services secure the continuity of your testing operations, regardless of technical issues or required maintenance.
  • Supply service

    Optimize your supply operations. Focus on what matters to your business.
  • VILINK® Instrument Management System        

    Instrument Management System

    VILINK® software is our real-time support system that keeps the instruments in your laboratory running via remote monitoring.