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Recombinant Factor C: Advanced Endotoxin Testing

Endotoxin Testing

Successfully delivering breakthrough therapies and drug products is intrinsically linked to the strategic impact of their quality control programs. Our endotoxin detection solutions are specifically designed to meet the need for quick, smart, and agile laboratory tools while supporting your initiative to improve the environmental impact of your processes and meet the sustainability vision of your company.

Innovative Endotoxin Testing Technologies for Confident Decision-Making

What all successful laboratories have in common is the ability to combine efficient data management and cost optimization without compromising quality. For confident in-process and product release decisions, they need advanced and agile tools supporting streamlined workflows.

BioMérieux’s ENDONEXT™ technology, based on recombinant Horseshoe Crab Factor C (rFC), has 100% endotoxin specificity, lot-to-lot consistency for greater laboratory efficiency and competitive testing costs.

ENDONEXT™ does not require harvesting of horseshoe crab blood and offers long-lasting positive impacts on the planet by decreasing your laboratory environmental impact.

Learn more on how you can take a major step toward robust solutions that will support you in delivering on both your breakthrough products and  sustainability goals.