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A Fresh Approach To Food Safety

Augmented Diagnostics: Enhancing Poultry Quality Control

With Augmented Diagnostics, we're enabling our partners in the poultry industry to harness the diverse data streams flowing through their process — environmental data, production data, contamination strain data — for a more complete understanding of your operation.

Augmented Diagnostics and bioMérieux can help you channel your data and make it work for you.

Unlock Actionable Insights With Augmented Diagnostics

Every poultry facility is different, with unique processes, compliance mandates, suppliers, line speed considerations, and more. For this reason, no two quality programs could be the same.

Through our Augmented Diagnostics approach, our team of experts work with you to explore your current processes, pain points, and most pressing challenges. Together, we develop a framework of connected solutions tailored specifically to you that help answer your lingering questions, like:

  • What type of pathogens occur throughout my process? How much is there, and where did it come from?
  • How can I optimize my process interventions?
  • Can I leverage data on the microbiology ecosystem of my facility to make a better, safer finished product?
  • Am I compliant in the shifting regulatory landscape?  
  • Can I leverage data to build risk modelling tools the help anticipate decisions and speed up processes?

With Augmented Diagnostics, find the answers and enable better decisions from flock to fork.

How To Go Beyond Test Results For a 360-Degree View of Your Operation

Food safety isn’t: Just a positive or negative test result.

Food safety is: The insights generated from test results that can help you make informed decisions.

Find out how to enable actionable insights in our one-pager — fill out the short form below to download!

Continue Your Journey

Your Guide To Solving Food Safety & Quality Challenges with Augmented Diagnostics

Do you want to learn how to use your data to solve your most pressing challenges and improve your operation? Download our guide to get started.

Poultry Solutions

We partner with the poultry industry to optimize food safety and quality workflows by leveraging the power of data and genomics, custom molecular diagnostics, and our proven microbiology solutions to deliver actionable insights.
Environmental Monitoring E-Learning

Pathogen Environmental Monitoring E-Learning Course

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