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Healthcare ecosystem

As a global healthcare company, we recognize that meeting society’s expectations means going above and beyond what is legally required.

Our commitment - Stakeholder dialogue

By fostering ethical dialogue with the healthcare ecosystem, we aim to advance diagnostic testing for infectious diseases. We strive to reduce noncompliance risks, generate learnings that can be applied to our organization and be recognized as a trusted partner in public health for all our stakeholders, with the sole interest of patients in mind.

We lead actions with the ambition of:

  • Nurturing exchanges with patients, consumers and KOLs on major health challenges related to infectious diseases;
  • Raising awareness of lay public  and public decision makers on the medical and economic value of in vitro diagnostics;
  • Ensuring ethical business conduct and regulatory compliance;
  • Guaranteeing responsible data management.

bioMérieux has for many years developed, in a voluntary, dynamic and interactive manner, continuous dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders in order to make informed decisions that take their expectations into account. The shared vision is that dialogue with stakeholders is a privileged mode of cooperation for virtuously articulating the development of the Company and its long-term vision while generating value for the communities.


The medical value of in vitro diagnostics is demonstrated in the proof resource Evidence-based Diagnostics for Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS)”.

This Selection of Publications contains summaries of major scientific articles, which provide independent evidence of the key role of diagnostics in supporting AMS Programs in both developed and developing settings, as well as showing the medical value of bioMérieux’s full range of AMS Solutions.

EVIDENCE-BASED DX FOR AMS - Selection of Publications Update 2024 - FINAL - Interactive links - 03-24.pdf
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Download our brochure

EVIDENCE-BASED DX FOR AMS - Selection of Publications Update 2024 - FINAL - Interactive links - 03-24.pdf
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Patient Relations

We firmly believe that connecting with patients and health industry stakeholders is essential to create value for both our company and society.

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Global Code of Conduct

We are committed to bringing the highest standards of business ethics to everything we do. This responsibility is crucial to all the people who depend on bioMérieux: our employees, our customers, our communities, our shareholders, our partners and our suppliers.

Expressing Concerns

We have a strong policy against unethical behavior, corrupt practices, including bribery, extortion or coercion, fraud and collusion.

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Preventing Corruption

We carry out initiatives to fight corruption both within the Company and in relationships with third party intermediaries.

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Relationships with Third Parties

At bioMérieux, we are serious about our responsibility towards the local communities where our sites are located, which in light of our role as a partner in public health takes on an international dimension.

Public and Governmental Affairs

We take part in initiatives with public decision-makers to improve the health and safety of patients and consumers by ensuring the availability of diagnostic solutions and by promoting in vitro diagnostics and its medical economic value as a key to better public health.