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Multiplexed Immunoassays

With fast evolving diseases and pandemics, the challenge of analytical development for the vaccine industry has never been so great. The need to provide patients with effective and safe vaccines in reduced time frames is increasing. Your vaccine candidates’ development require optimization by reducing your analytical bottlenecks. 

Reduce your analytical development bottlenecks

With a partner-first approach to the pharmaceutical industry, bioMérieux joins forces with U.S. biotechnology Company InDevR, manufacturer of the VaxArray® technology, to provide the vaccine industry with a new simplified and rapid analytical solution. 

Our partnership is designed to help you move from clinical evaluation to process optimization to potency testing with a single platform designed for the vaccine industry.


Product List


    Designed To Reduce Your Analytical Development Bottlenecks. 

    VaxArray® is a multiplexed immunoassay technology for vaccine characterization. It allows manufacturers to have clearer insights into the evolution, manufacturing and release of their vaccine products. 


    Leverage The Vaxarray® Platform For Your Application

    VaxArray® Expert Services’ team provides vaccine manufacturers with tailored workflow solutions to help address development bottlenecks and accelerate analysis and validation.