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Sterility Testing

Whether you’re releasing time-sensitive personalized medicines or manufacturing products with longer production cycles, rapid sterility testing is critical to ensure patient safety. We provide safe, proven, and efficient sterility testing solutions for rapid results.

Rapid Results for In-Process and Release Testing

Our technologies are specifically designed to speed up detection times and we provide turnkey validation services to help you implement our method more quickly. Our validation protocols comply with international pharmacopoeia standards and our support is fully customizable, providing everything from validation templates to on-site personalized solutions.

Product List


    Patented Colormetric Technology

    The BACT/ALERT® 3D was developed as an effective and safe solution for industrial sterility testing.

  • CULTURE MEDIA For Sterility Testing


    Detecting contaminants is a critical step for the release of sterile pharmaceuticals. Effective and reliable culture media will allow for the detection of any possible contaminant in your products, ensuring patient safety.

  • Media Fill Testing

    A New Version on the Media Fill Test

    We bring a new dimension to the media fill test with a Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) containing a color indicator that changes from pink to yellow if your filled unit is contaminated so you can feel confident in your production process.


    Rapid Microbial Detection and Enumeration

    SCANRDI® revolutionized rapid microbial detection when it was first introduced and still today its speed and sensitivity remain unrivaled.

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