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Beyond the Test: a new Era in Chocolate Food Safety!


In Chocolate production, Food Safety is paramount as children account for significant percentage of final consumers. Working with highly sensitive ingredients such as cocoa and skim milk powder means there are contamination risks throughout the supply chain and production process and environment. And the greatest risk to chocolate safety, Salmonella, is particularly difficult to manage as the contamination is usually at very low levels and not uniformly distributed. 

The Value of Augmented Diagnostics in Chocolate Industry

As well as keeping the pathogens out of the finished goods, you must keep them out of the factory environment because once they are in, it is hard to remove.To minimize risk and cost associated with rejecting raw materials and shutting down production, manufacturers must perform extensive daily microbial testing throughout the production process combined with robust environmental monitoring, that can be very expensive. Current controls based on testing alone have limitations. Today’s ever-increasing food safety and risk management challenges demand new, innovative solutions to sustain and grow their business.


With decades of expertise and the most comprehensive family of diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux understands the challenges facing chocolate producers – and the limitations of today’s tests. That is why we created AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS.  

AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS is a unique and disruptive approach to food safety & quality that combines our core microbiology portfolio together with Genomics, Data Science and Bio-informatics tools. So, the value delivered goes beyond test results. Our customized analysis tools enable indeed to distill a mountain of data into real-time insights throughout the customer value chain.

By adopting AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS, chocolate makers obtain comprehensive information, in easily understandable formats, in a very short time, to help them better anticipate raw material risk, prevent Salmonella cross-contaminations in the processing environment, reduce non-quality costs and ultimately keep consumers safe 

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