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Integrated Lab Optimization and Automation

The flexible automated specimen processing, incubation, and reading solution that adapts to your unique lab setup and workflow – and even grows with you over time.

WASPLab® System is manufactured by COPAN Company.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country. 

System Overview

More than just automation…It’s about your uniqueness. 

WASPLab® empowered by bioMérieux represents an exceptional advancement in clinical microbiology. This highly efficient system is both modular and scalable, capable of seamlessly integrating into your laboratory’s current and future workflows. It empowers you to process over 90% of routine microbiology samples with ease.

WASPLab® is part of our approach to meeting the complete needs of the microbiology lab – taking you from automated sample preparation right through to ID/AST results. What sets this system apart is your ability to tailor it to your precise needs. You can select the features and options that provide the most significant value to your laboratory, and you have the flexibility to enhance efficiency further by adding more capabilities in the future. This adaptability and customization make it an invaluable asset for laboratories seeking optimal microbiology sample processing solutions. 


WASPLab®, Integrated into a comprehensive bioMérieux solution offering: 

Modularity & Scalability: Because eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks is key 

  • Adapts to your lab layout and space constraints with multiple configurations
  • Adapts to your sample types and protocols with multiple incubator sizes
  • Adapts to your evolution by offering add-ons, so that as you grow, so can your WASPLab®

High Productivity: Because the workload and expectation are high, and labs need to stay competitive and be able to absorb the workflow increase

  • 180 plates load/unload per hour per incubator
  • Independent server with high capacity for image acquisition and storage
  • Less hands-on time required throughout the process

Improved Interpretation of Plates: Because labs must provide accurate and actionable results to physicians:

  • High image quality and perfect chromatic response
  • PhenoMATRIX® onboarding algorithms and expert system
  • WebApp software grouping plates from the same specimen
  • Standardizing and streamlining your pre-analytical steps with LBM® for a better colony isolation with your WASP®

Ergonomics: Because your time, health, and peace of mind are important

  • Workstations in remote access
  • Vitual C-tracer® to assist D1 operations with VITEK® systems
  • Easy to use and intuitive webApp software

Service & Support: Empowered by bioMérieux because you deserve best-in-class support

  • Dedicated & responsive support from the start of the project and throughout the life of the system
  • An innovative service offer with BIOMÉRIEUX LAB CONSULTANCY



The heart of your WASPLab® system is WASP® (Walk-Away Specimen Processor). Agile and flexible with a unique open-platform, modular system, WASP® addresses all aspects of automated microbiology specimen processing. WASP® fits into your lab and lets you pick and mix the automation add-ons you need.

Colibrí™ and PhenoMATRIX® 

The Colibrí™ module offers automated colony picking on MALDI-TOF ID targets and automated suspension preparation for VITEK® 2 AST. The PhenoMATRIX® solution offers artificial intelligence for rules-based sorting to let you focus on plates of clinical interest. You gain streamlined, efficient workflow through full integration with our identification and susceptibility (ID/AST) and blood culture offers, using instruments and reagents, including CHROMID®VITEK® 2, and VITEK® MS/VITEK® MS PRIME.


Combining the expertise of bioMérieux in microbiology with the advanced skills of COPAN in automation to supply the most optimized protocols.


Embedded Interpretation Intelligence for WASPLab®

PhenoMATRIX® is an expert module that leverages artificial intelligence in order to take intuitive automation and embedded algorithms to the next level! 

PhenoMATRIX® automatically brings together critical information from specimen reading results, (optimized with WASPLab® algorithms), LIS* data and patient clinical information. PhenoMATRIX® integrates available LIS data (demographics, previous patient results, leucocyte results, etc.), providing effective plate interpretation, sorting and validation of your samples.


PhenoMATRIX® enables rules-based sorting to speed up and improve plate interpretation. You will never have to touch a negative plate again, enabling you to focus on the positive plates that matter. It maximizes efficiency but also the quality and accuracy of the results provided to the physicians. It enhances the medical value for the patient.

  • Customize rules based on your protocols; you set the rules of the decision tree
  • Provide robust, relevant, and actionable results in a shorter time, improving patient care

NEW FEATURE: PhenoMATRIX® and CHROMID® CPSE for Urine Samples


  • Validated early reading protocol at 12 hours for CHROMID®  CPS Elite media
  • Streamlined urine sample workflow with early positive plate unloading
  • Faster time-to-results on urine samples TAT (8 hours faster)
  • Provide faster actionable results with real added value for the right patient therapy setting


With the standard PhenoMATRIX®, technicians are required to select the best isolated colonies on positive plates and assign the tasks for the ID and AST phases. 

PhenoMATRIX® TAG automates the selection of the well-isolated colonies and assigns directly the D1 tasks (ID, AST, ID+AST) to be processed by Colibrí™, further streamlining the workflow and improving the time to results.

  1. Automatic selection of well-isolated colonies
  2. Isolated colonies position coordinates calculation and transfer to Colibrí™
  3. Automatic assignment of ID and AST tasks to be processed by Colibrí™
  4. Information is transferred to Colibrí™


PhenoMATRIX® will screen, read, and segregate your plates, and the newest offering, PhenoMATRIX® PLUS, will automatically release the plates according to your rules. This module is designed to automatically segregate positive plates into stackers or discard negative plates without technical validation. This latest suite release will drastically decrease the time spent on negative plates and speed up the time to result for patients.


Automated Colony Picking and ID/AST Tasks

Introducing Colibri™, the automated colony picking module designed to seamlessly integrate into WASPLab®, elevating the level of automation in your analytical process. 

Colibrí is a specialized module engineered to automate the crucial colony picking stage in microbiological analysis. It stands as the industry’s first and only system capable of independently preparing VITEK® MS / VITEK® MS PRIME slides for identification and VITEK® 2 AST suspensions for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST).

  • Automated selection of isolated colonies when used with PhenoMATRIX® TAG
  • Automated slide preparation for VITEK® MS / VITEK® MS PRIME in only 55 seconds per isolate
  • Automatic suspension preparation for AST in only 1 minute 45 seconds per isolate (for VITEK® 2)
  • Purity Plate automatic preparation
  • Full integration with VITEK® Solution to improve workflow

Services & Support

Solution Empowered by bioMérieux, a Key Differentiator.

Integrating WASPLab® is a critical step in meeting new, ever-growing productivity and quality challenges. When you select WASPLab® empowered by bioMérieux, you don’t just get an automated lab solution, you get a team from start to finish. 

Exclusively with WASPLab® empowered by bioMérieux, you access a range of services designed to ensure that the integration and adoption of WASPLab® is uniquely efficient and effective. Our BIOMÉRIEUX LAB CONSULTANCY services for WASPLab® benefit from our dual expertise as both microbiologists and performance facilitators to bring you unbeatable efficiency and continuous innovation. 

    • Understand the real lab practices and needs
    • Provide customized offer detailing how your lab will optimize the new technology with a personalized plan for configuration, resource use and workflow
    • Best prepare your team through effective team management, so that each one makes the most of WASPLab®’s impact on their role
  • BIOMÉRIEUX LAB CONSULTANCY: Continuous Improvement Event
    • High-impact teamwork to build success
  • Customized Premium Service Contracts
    • Dedicated hot line, flexible, and responsive support
  • VILINK® Connection
    • Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and remote updates

System Services

Systems are a major investment for your lab. Night and day, you depend on them to help you provide clinicians with fast, reliable results for better patient care. With System Services from bioMérieux: maximize routine lab workflow, cover increased productivity needs, and deliver high quality patient results confidently and continuously.


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