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Liquid Based Microbiology – LBM®

Universal tubes for liquid sample collection and transport

Protect your sample quality with the unique LBM® range featuring a universal tube format for collection and transport, blood culture, sample pre-treatment and enrichment. This universal liquid-based multi-purpose system maintains viability of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for 48 hours.*

LBM® is manufactured by COPAN Company.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.


The complete, multipurpose solution

Just one system can replace all the various liquid collection devices you keep on hand for different manual and automated microbiology tests! The LBM® (Liquid Based Microbiology) range is designed for stable storage in a universal tube format for collection and transport, blood culture, sample pre-treatment and enrichment. This will help standardize your workflow while offering quality, traceability and savings of both time and costs.

LBM® is the universal liquid-based multipurpose system that maintains viability of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for 48 hours* at room and refrigerator temperature in compliance with CLSI M40-A NCCLS regulations.

The unique universal LBM® eSwab® contains of liquid Amies and features a capture cap that grasps the specialized FLOQSwabs® swab for safe and easy transport and use directly on the WASP® specimen processer.

* Keeps samples viable 48 hours at room or refrigerator temperature. Neisseria gonorrhoeae survival is 24 hours.

  • Easy, safe collection and transport
  • Specially-designed for the WASP® automated processor
  • Precise, even Gram stains
  • Long shelf life

Collection as easy as 1-2-3

Just collect & snap – sample elutes immediately from FLOQSwabs® into the medium.

FLOQSwabs® tips: More sample per swab

Can a swab really make sample collection better? You will get more sample from each swab with the patented FLOQSwabs® tip technology because the entire sample elutes immediately into the medium. There is less risk of contaminants and/or non-viable organisms than with traditional fiber swabs.

FLOQSwab™ tips

FLOQSwabs® also enhances patient comfort because fewer samples need to be taken. On top of that, there are specialized tips for children and for particular sample sites.

Positive blood culture workflow

The BC+™ tube from the LBM® range has calibrated vacuum action for safe transfer of blood culture samples to WASP®. Ensure safe, reliable and straightforward blood culture workflow for from collection to transport to streaking.

Positive blood culture workflow


Automated or manual: You decide

Enjoy seamless workflow whether you are using manual or automated testing. LBM® eSwab® is the only liquid-based system that is validated both for manual methods and for use with the WASP® specimen processor. The straightforward techniques and universal tubes ensure standardization and traceability. Enjoy the amount of automation that you need, growing if your needs evolve – without readapting your working style.


LBM® collection & transport devices

LBM® collection & transport devices
  • Color-coded caps
  • “Classic” universal ESwab®
  • Specialized kits for various sample types
  • FecalSwab with Cary Blair broth
  • MRSA kits with 2 or 3 FLOQSwabs® tips for pooling samples
ESWAB Reference

Some references are also available in round tubes. Refer to your local partner for more details.

*Only after manually removing the tip from the tube

Blood culture transfer

BC+ (Ref. 2U026S)

BC+™ (Ref. 2U026S)

  • Tube with calibrated vacuum action used for transferring blood culture samples to WASP®
  • Suitable for positive blood culture workflow

Selective & enrichment broths

Selective & enrichment broths

*Only after manually removing the tip from the tube

Sample pre-treatment

SL Solution 0E006N.A/Sputum Dipper sterile 096CS01

SL Solution 0U019N.A/Sputum Dipper sterile 2U063S01

  • Single container for transport, conservation and sputum liquefying
  • Suitable for WASP®


Liquid Based Microbiology - LBM Brochure