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Root Cause Analysis in the Food Industry

In the case of microbial contamination, it is necessary to figure out the root cause of the contamination problem. bioMérieux offers all-inclusive microbial typing services for microbial root cause analysis (RCA) through a combination of routine typing, Whole Genome Sequencing, and Metagenomics.

Find the Root Cause of Your Contamination

A pathogen raises many questions. You need to know what to do, where it comes from, and what it is. Fueled by our Augmented Diagnostics approach, bioMérieux helps you find the origin of a contaminating microorganism, characterize it as a specific or non-specific strain, and compare it with control strains or other strains present elsewhere in the environment. The ultimate aim is to prevent food product recalls and preserve your brand image.

Until recently, problems in food manufacturing associated with microorganisms was an accepted expense. We lived with large amounts of waste in our value streams due to a lack of data and understanding of the reasons why. Today, bioMérieux proposes a comprehensive approach that enhances our knowledge to attack the root cause rather that just managing symptoms. Through a proactive approach that combines data science, bioinformatics, and genomics, we identify and manage risk to remove waste, improve flow, and crucially reduce the total cost of production.

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    Now You Know

    Move from test results to actionable insights and make impactful decisions in under 30 hours with GENE-UP® TYPER. This real-time PCR assay utilizes probabilistic typing of specific microorganisms to help identify the root cause of contamination and avoid future recurrence.