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Automated Microbiology Specimen Processing Instrument

Quality diagnostic results depend on high standard specimen processing. WASP® is the smart solution for truly comprehensive automation – taking you far beyond plating and streaking to address all aspects of microbiology specimen processing.

WASP® System is manufactured by COPAN Company.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.

System Overview

WASP® Automated Microbiology Specimen Processing Instrument 

Specimen processing, a time-consuming and repetitive task, often diverts valuable lab personnel from tasks that fully leverage their specialized expertise and capabilities. But there is a solution. Think of WASP® as an extremely skilled technologist by your side who takes care of reliable and accurate specimen processing, while you focus on important interpretive work.  

WASP® - Walk Away Specimen Processor - is the only automated instrument that addresses most aspects of microbiology specimen management. Empowered by bioMérieux, WASP® is a truly agile and flexible automated solution adapted to fit your lab’s unique needs.  

This comprehensive automated instrument offers real daily value in your lab. In stand-alone mode or connected to a WASPLab® instrument, WASP® is the primary automation component of your complete sample processing solution.

While testing labs face a variety of global challenges, WASP® optimizes workflow and automation for microbiology testing resulting in high medical value for your lab.

High Productivity 

  • Throughput is up to 150 specimens/hour
  • Continuous loading of specimens
  • Continuous loading of plates
  • Random access for sample loading

Modularity & Scalability

  • Modular design, build your own workstation, customized to your needs
  • Standalone or connected to WASPLab®
  • Small footprint (1,90 L x 1,2 W x 1,96 H)
  • Various add-on options available:


Improved Streaking and Interpretation of Plates

  • Ability to vortex or centrifuge samples
  • Streaking with reusable loops (1, 10, and 30µl)
  • Streaking library with about 50 possible patterns
  • Standardizing and streamlining your pre-analytical steps with LBM® for a better colony isolation with your WASP®


  • Lot number traceability
  • Automated plate labeling
  • Bar code reading for all types of tubes
  • Bar code consolidation for all samples

Ergonomics & Safety

  • Adaptable layout for optimized working space
  • Automated inoculation of more than 90% of samples
  • Streamlined workflow with true continuous sample and consumable loading
  • Reduce repetitive tasks which reduces ergonomic injuries
  • Eliminate contamination risk for both technicians and samples: HEPA filtration, individualized specimen management, anti-drop design, no plate handling

Services & Support

Solution Empowered by bioMérieux, a Key Differentiator.

As a key user, you are completely involved in the project from its earliest steps in customized design to implementation in your lab. We will continue to provide ongoing best-in-class support and service adapted to your needs.


  • Ensure smooth integration into the existing workflow and provide a full report including resource optimization, KPIs, and long-term planning for future integration

BIOMÉRIEUX LAB CONSULTANCY:  WASP® Discovery Solution / Change Management

  • Best prepare your team through effective team management, so that each one makes the most of the WASP® solution's impact on their role

Customized Premium Service Contracts:

  • Dedicated hot line, flexible and responsive support

VILINK® Connection:

  • Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and remote updates

System Services

Systems are a major investment for your lab. Night and day, you depend on them to help you provide clinicians with fast, reliable results for better patient care. With System Services from bioMérieux: maximize routine lab workflow, cover increased productivity needs, and deliver high quality patient results confidently and continuously.

Specs & Resources

Technical Specifications



Inoculation/Streaking ToolTraditional Reusable Nickel Chrome Loop
Volume for Streaking1µl, 10µl, 30µl
Configurable Streaking PatternsYes
Input for Media9 Silo Carousel (Up to 378 Plates)
Output for MediaSort Out Carousel With 4 Sorting Options
Sample CapacityContinuous Loading of Specimens Racks
Sample VortexYes
Sample CentrifugationYes
Automatic Gram Slide Inoculation, Barcode Labeling and Dry Out of the SlideYes
Automatic Broth InoculationYes
Automatic Disk DepositYes
HEPA FilterYes
WASP® Dimensions79 cm Wide x 195 cm Long x 191 cm High
WASP® WeightApproximately 720 kg
Slide Prep EVO™ Dimensions

65 cm Wide x 76 cm Long x 136 cm High

Slide Prep EVO™ WeightApproximately 80 kg


WASP® Brochure

LBM® Brochure