Product life cycle

The approach bioMérieux adopts is designed to reduce the impact of our products, whether it concerns the environment, or the health and safety of our employees and clients.


For several years, the Company has applied an eco-design approach to integrate environmental aspects of the product life cycle into development processes. This approach prescribes restraint in terms of choice and in use of materials in the broad sense to manufacture our diagnostic systems.

The principle of eco-design integrates the different phases of a product’s life cycle :

  • manufacturing,
  • transportation,
  • utilization and end of life, in compliance with applicable regulations as well as the Company’s objectives.

In 2017, two pilot programs of the in-house methodology were organized for two ongoing developments before applying this methodology to all new projects. Beginning in 2018, the environmental impact of the life cycle of new products will be evaluated and by 2020, a product’s environmental performance will be established when it is launched.

The stakes

Integrating HSE challenges into product specifications concerns first and foremost hazardous materials and product packaging. Through the work accomplished on eco-design, the Company has adopted a far-reaching program for the remote maintenance of its instruments. It will allow technicians to intervene remotely for certain repairs, maintenance and system updates, the program will make it possible to limit travel.

The roll-out of the VILINK® application, which started in 2017, has generated a reduction of travels up to 50% in 2018.