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Stackable Benchtop Automated Immunoassay Solution

VIDAS® KUBE™ is designed to preserve everything labs appreciate about the VIDAS® Solution combined with advanced technology. VIDAS® KUBE™ is a truly flexible, cost-effective automated immunoassay solution providing fast results in complete confidence.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.

System Overview

Your Immunoassay Solution

Enter a world of simplicity with VIDAS® KUBE™, the advanced generation of the VIDAS® immunoassay solution, trusted by labs around the world for more than 30 years. Keeping the same VIDAS® solution reagents and simple one patient-one test concept, implementation and integration could not be easier. Its advanced technology provides more flexibility, ease of use, and confidence in results.


Smart Technology for Increased Productivity

VIDAS® KUBE™ adaptable automation will help your lab be more productive, more accurate, and more innovative – all in one simplified platform. Scaling with ease, VIDAS® KUBE™ is a simple and reliable addition to your evolving lab. Inspired by listening closely to our customers, VIDAS® KUBE™ offers smart innovations that are both time- and cost-saving.



Adding VIDAS® KUBE™ to your lab is simple, benefit from:

  • Accessible volume flexibility - 36 tests/hour per module
  • Stackable benchtop design - up to 6 modules
  • Minimum training & installation required
  • Integrated PC for up to 2 modules


VIDAS® KUBE™ ensures your lab has reliable and accurate results every time:

  • On-board Strip & SPR compatibility verification
  • Optical sample detection
  • Alerts in case of sample issues (leakage/clogging)
  • Shared calibration between modules

VIDAS® KUBE™ facilitates easy user adoption through its:

  • Intuitive & easy to use software interface
  • Bi-directional LIS connectivity
  • Secure data with cybersecurity protection
  • Full traceability (21CFR, Audit trail)



VIDAS® KUBE™ offers long-term peace of mind with:

  • Evolutive and adaptable training journey
  • Reduced maintenance and controls (no need for QCV)
  • Optimized productivity with remote maintenance via VILINK® connectivity

VIDAS® KUBE™ will help you provide fast, accurate results to ensure patient and clinician satisfaction remains high. It’s easier than ever to deliver fast, accurate immunoassay results for informed clinical decision.


Quality Immunoassay Testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result

The system offers a broad routine test menu with more than 80 parameters covering emergency & critical care, immunochemistry, and infectious diseases.

  • High quality reagents with proven accuracy and performance
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Self-contained kits with all needed components for one test
  • Fast results

Download the full VIDAS® Assay Menu in Resources


Services & Support

You benefit from our expertise with VIDAS® services, ensuring your lab’s continued development.

Instrument Services

  • Remote support services provide solutions, immediately
  • Extensive network of local subsidiaries and distributors: skilled systems engineers and application specialists available wherever you are
  • VILINK® compatible, our remote customer support solution minimizes instrument downtime and troubleshooting efforts

Certification Support 

  • VIDAS® KUBE™ verification package available for your instrument
  • Methodology based on ISO 15189 certification

Online Training

  • Online training sessions complement VIDAS® on-site services
  • Continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise


  • Pre-configured cybersecurity controls

System Services

Systems are a major investment for your lab. Night and day, you depend on them to help you provide clinicians with fast, reliable results for better patient care. With System Services from bioMérieux: maximize routine lab workflow, cover increased productivity needs, and deliver high quality patient results confidently and continuously.

Specs & Resources

Technical Specifications

VIDAS® Concept Inside

VIDAS® KUBE™ uses the same reagents and workflow that have made VIDAS® an immunoanalyzer of choice for three decades. The VIDAS® concept is based on the interaction of the coated SPR receptacle, containing antigens or antibodies, and the strip series of wells prefilled with the right amount of reagent for the test.

The entire operation is fully automated from incubation to washing and final fluorescence reading. Incubation time and the number of washing cycles are optimized for peak performance.


Instrument Specifications

VIDAS® KUBE™ References423 912 (single unit)
470 7576 (standard configuration)
Weight23.7 kg (single unit)
DimensionsL 43.3 cm x H 32.1 cm x P 48.5 cm (single unit)
Electrical100/240 V, 56-60Hz
Power150 W
Energy efficientSleep mode; Programmable morning start up
Operating temperature18-30°C
Operating humidity20-80% relative humidity non-condensing
Altitude maximum2700 m
Sound level in operating mode≤ 70 dBa
Usability Criteria
  • Data purge: Automatic data archiving
  • User safety during testing: Auto-locking of section doors
  • Calibration setting: Modifiable

PC Specifications

An additional PC is required for the VIDAS® KUBE™ configuration from 3 to 6 modules.

OS ConfigurationWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i3 - 8100
3.6 GHz
Memory27000 tests results
Approx. 5 years of data
2400 MHz
ConnectorsUSB port x 6
Ethernet port x 1
Display port (screen) x 1


VIDAS® KUBE™ Brochure


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