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VILINK® & Remote Services 

Optimize Instrument UPTIME to Improve Laboratory Productivity

A secure solution offering remote access, proactive maintenance, and remote updates. VILINK® diagnoses, solves software and instrument issues, and supports your systems to enable laboratory productivity and efficiency improvements. 


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.  


VILINK® for online optimization of lab uptime and immediate updates 

VILINK® significantly improves your systems uptime. Our online service support teams can instantly manage technical issues, while our proactive maintenance programs automatically detect potential errors before they occur to minimize instrument downtime. With faster resolution of instrument failures, your lab staff can ensure continuous delivery of patient results to the clinicians.

To allow your lab to quickly take full advantage of the latest software enhancements, VILINK®’s highly secure connectivity environment regularly delivers system updates, and patches are easily deployed to maintain systems security.

VILINK® increases your systems UPTIME

  • System remote troubleshooting and fixes 
  • Proactive maintenance to solve problems before they occur
  • Onsite visit preparation in case of service order

VILINK® helps maintaining your systems COMPLIANCE

  • Ensures software is up to date
  • Immediate security patch delivery
  • Knowledge base and breakpoints updates

VILINK® improves your lab EFFICIENCY

  • Helps lab operators navigate and learn the application software
  • Software update to benefit from the latest enhancements


VILINK® is available on most of our systems. Please contact your local representative to check your system's compatibility.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

bioMérieux actively works to reduce our emissions in all our operations. Remote services improve our carbon footprint by reducing travel by technicians. 

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy


Our customers' cybersecurity is at the heart of bioMérieux concerns. We partner with the top IoT and cybersecurity players to enable a highly secured connectivity solution.

VILINK® uses a VPN tunnel based on HTTPS/TLS 1.2 protocol with AES 256 encryption for communication, a remote access requiring customer acknowledgment approval, and a multi factor authentication for all VILINK® user access.

bioMérieux continuously strives to improve the security and privacy of our products throughout their lifecycle. We perform in-house regular vulnerability scans which allows identification of potential security risks for bioMérieux product software. bioMérieux, acting with the support of security experts, regularly performs penetration tests, security assessments, and regulatory audits.

Data Privacy

bioMérieux is committed to protecting the personal data of its customers. 

bioMérieux has implemented a rigorous data privacy and security program to ensure compliance with all relevant data protection (e.g. HIPAA , GDPR) during the operation of our software. All bioMérieux field agents are trained on data protection.

bioMérieux has officially designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) to control and ensure compliance of the Company with this regulation.

For more information about how bioMérieux is committed to complying with personal data protection and privacy regulations, visit our website at:


Technical Specifications

System AccessInternet Access
Communication EncryptionTLS Tunnel (AES 128/256 Bits Encryption)
Data TransmissionNo incoming connection on the customer device
VILINK® Server AccessUser access control using login and password, accesses authorized only to users connected to the bioMérieux network
Remote ConnectionCustomer acknowledgement required & customer control on remote access

VILINK® Technology 

VILINK® relies on the ThingWorx technology, the platform from PTC Inc, a recognized world leader in IoT (Internet of Things). It includes 3 main features that can be setup on demand:



VILINK® Brochure

VILINK® Cybersecurity Brochure