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BIOBALL® Webinar Part 2

Non-Sterile Test Methods Including the BCC Complex

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October 12, 2021


Guest speaker Dr. Tony Cundell presents on objectionable organisms and the exclusion of Burkholderia Cepacia Complex members from aqueous non-sterile drug products. This will be followed by Dr Megha Bajaj presenting on BIOBALL® applications in non-sterile product testing methods.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in using BIOBALL® or currently using BIOBALL®l and working in the non-sterile or cosmetics industries.

Who are your speakers?

Dr Tony Cundell, Consulting Microbiologist Servicing the Pharmaceutical Industry, New Jersey, United States
Dr Megha Bajaj, Global Solutions Manager, bioMérieux Sydney, Australia
Who should attend?  Anyone interested in using BIOBALL® and anyone currently using BIOBALL®.

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