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Ultra-rapid Microbial Detection in Cell & Gene Therapy Products: the Closest you can be to Real-time Release 

Ultra-rapid microbial detection in cell & gene therapy products

Originally published in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

When innovators are focused on shortening manufacturing process to meet patient demand for life saving therapies, there is a need for new quality control analytical method solutions that are fast enough to keep pace with faster manufacturing approaches. Watch the video or read the poster to know more about a new ultra-fast sterility solution for cell and gene therapeutic products.

You can find out more about:

  • Same-day sterility results for cell-based products (<6h time-to-result)
  • Sensitivity that is equivalent to compendial methods
  • Low testing volume (0.1–2 mL sample)
  • Detection of microorganisms in a product containing a very high concentration of mammalian cells (106–107 cell/mL)


Ultra-rapid microbial detection in cell and gene therapy products the closest you can be to real-time release - Poster.pdf
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