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CAR-T Cell Therapy: for which indications?

CART-T Cell Therapy is currently indicated for specific types of blood cancer. Discover in this short video what blood cancer is, in which types of blood cancer and for which types of patients CART-T Cell Therapy is indicated, and what are the future perspectives.

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What is CAR-T Cell Therapy?

CART-T Cell Therapy is an innovative and personalized treatment for certain types of blood cancer. Discover in this short video how this kind of treatment works and why CART-T Cell Therapy is unique.


CAR-T cell therapy - why is it challenging?

Production of CAR-T cell therapies is challenging as it involves a complex manufacturing process with strict quality standards and short timelines. Discover is this video what is Quality Control for CAR-T cell therapies, why it is important and what are the solutions provided by bioMérieux.