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bioMérieux Endowment Fund for Education

Following on from the exceptional giving operation carried out in 2020, the bioMérieux Endowment Fund aims to make sustainable our commitment to solidarity by focusing on one objective: Reduce inequalities through and within education around the world.

The Endowment Fund is an independent legal structure, created in December 2020 and endowed with 20 million euros by bioMérieux.

What is its mission?

The Endowment Fund's mission is to promote equal opportunities in the countries where we operate, with the ambition of reducing inequalities through and within education so that everyone can find their place in the world.

The Fund will finance projects aimed at the young, with the intent of giving them the confidence, the desire and the means to move forward.


What does “education” mean for the Endowment Fund?

Education is the action of training a person, especially a child or a teenager, by developing their intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and relational qualities, as well as their knowledge and experience of society, in order to give them the personal development they need to approach their personal and social life with serenity and to find their place in the world.

It is based on the whole personal environment: family, school, culture, society, and all the material, financial and human resources implemented to make it happen.


Getting involved

On a voluntary basis, bioMérieux team members will be able to:

  • Propose and monitor a local project;
  • Coordinate several projects;
  • Get involved as a volunteer in the associations that we will support via the Fund;
  • Support and publicize the Fund’s actions.

We build long-term partnerships to increase our positive impact on local communities. The creation of the Endowment Fund is part of the Extended Company pillar of our CSR Strategy.