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Classic microbiological testing, including culturing, requires long wait times with inconclusive results. Current molecular technologies are too labor-intensive to implement at a winery. All current methods have difficulty analyzing “young” wines during fermentation. Given these limitations, winemakers lack the accurate, rapid detection of wine spoilers like BrettanomycesLactobacillus and Pediococcus.


We now make it possible to conduct routine, proactive testing throughout the winemaking process. Proactive quality management can mitigate the risk of producing wine that fails to meet your standards and results in lost value. Choose bioMérieux as your partner for your microbiological solutions.

Product List


    Unmatched Specificity

    VERIFLOW™ uses DNA Signature Capturing Technology to provide unmatched specificity and unrivaled sensitivity with zero compromises on ease-of-use in the production environment.
  • ENVIROMAP® Automated Environmental Monitoring

    Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program

    ENVIROMAP® is a secure, cloud-based system that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program and assists with the entire sampling lifecycle.

  • Pathogen Environmental Monitoring E-Learning Course

    Elevate your team's expertise and ensure consistent planning and execution across your organization with our interactive eLearning course.


    Verify Final Filtration

    Rapidly detect common wine spoilers before bottling in both red and white wines with BOTTLESAFE. The BOTTLESAFE pre-bottling quality tools validate filtration and ensure your carefully crafted wines are free of common spoilage bacteria and yeast, protecting your vintage bottles and your brand.

    Preserve the Value of your Wine

    Bring affordable, onsite PCR testing to your winery with VINOBRETT. VINOBRETT makes it possible to conduct routine, proactive testing throughout the winemaking process to obtain accurate information about the presence and level of Brettanomyces at any time.