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Rapidly detect common wine spoilers before bottling in both red and white wines with BOTTLESAFE. The BOTTLESAFE pre-bottling quality tools validate filtration and ensure your carefully crafted wines are free of common spoilage bacteria and yeast, protecting your vintage bottles and your brand.

Product Details

BOTTLESAFE was made for wineries by wineries. Developed in partnership with Jackson Family Wines, the solution is versatile enough to detect spoilers in both red and white wines before bottling, and  can be utilized by any size wine quality program.


  • Powered by VERIFLOW®
  • Ability to isolate tainted lots early to minimize cross-contamination
  • Less intrusive with temperature modulation
BOTTLESAFE Woman and Bottles

Main Benefits

  • Onsite results in less than 4 hours
  • Streamlined workflow and cost-efficient deployment
  • Minimal to no impact on wine quality and value
  • More cost-effective than sending wine out for laboratory services
BOTTLESAFE Validate Filtration


  • Dedicated customer support and Scientific Affairs team





VERIFLOW technology is AOAC certified for foodborne pathogen detection, developed in conjunction with Jackson Family wines, and has been validated by a variety of award-winning, quality-centric wineries around the world.

Test for:

  • Yeast and bacteria

BOTTLESAFE expands the game-changing VERIFLOW® wine portfolio, creating a full grape-to-glass solution for wineries of any size that produce red or white wines. The innovative suite includes assays for the wine-making process (VINOBRETT), fermentation (VINOPAL), and now, bottling (BOTTLESAFE).