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One major challenge in the beer brewing process is the lack of immediate, accurate and actionable test information. Traditional testing methods are dated, and limited by wait times. The expense and complexity of conventional molecular technologies can be daunting. These limitations make it impossible to address spoilage organisms in real-time – and can result in facility contamination, production inefficiencies, or shipping beer with contamination risk.


Our detection tools allow brewers to protect beer quality by providing onsite detection of spoilage organisms at any stage of production and in any style of beer. The brew products allow for the detection of a wide range of organisms and help maintain your product quality.

Product List

  • GENE-UP®

    Our real-time PCR solution simplifies workflows, decreases cross-contamination risks, and gives you rapid results that speed up critical manufacturing decisions.

  • GENE-UP® BREWPRO Spoilage Assessment System

    GENE-UP® BREWPROTM is an easy-to-use spoilage assessment system that improves overall productivity and ensures beer is clean prior to shipment well in advance of traditional microbiology assays.

  • GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella

    GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella brings efficiency and ease with accurate quantification of Salmonella. With no incubation or enrichment required, you get reliable results with true quantification for informed and efficient intervention decisions.

  • MASTERCLAVE® Media Preparator    

    MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that improves your laboratory workflow, from media to sample preparation.

  • SMASHER® Sample Blender

    The SMASHER® is a high-performance bag blender that ensures homogenous samples prior to microbial detection or identification tests.