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VITEK® 2 ID & AST Cards

Rapid. Flexible. Efficient.

Providing accurate and reliable identification and antimicrobial susceptibility results for clinically relevant organisms with self-contained, disposable test cards designed for VITEK® 2 automated systems.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.


In the fight against healthcare challenges like Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO), microbial identification (ID) and susceptibility testing (AST) are key steps in providing information necessary for targeted clinical responses and better patient care outcomes1.  When a patient presents with an illness due to an infectious organism, knowing the most appropriate treatment option requires more than species identification, especially as many organisms are becoming resistant to antimicrobials.  

Designed for VITEK® 2 automated instruments, VITEK® 2 ID and AST cards deliver accurate species-level ID and AST results with MICs and resistance mechanisms. In the context of escalating antimicrobial resistance, VITEK® 2 ID and AST cards provide proven medical value, enhancing therapeutic efficacy and ultimately improving patient outcomes by providing diagnostic results that empower informed therapy choices.1,2,3


Innovative and Flexible Design

  • Microwells with optimized volume of biochemicals or antimicrobials
  • Ready, simple-to-use with pre-applied barcodes for maximum traceability
  • EUCAST/CLSI compliant AST formulations with specific urinary and MDRO cards

Up to 50% Fewer Preparation Steps Than Other Systems4,5

  • Single inoculum for ID & AST solution with simple, standardized suspension of organism in saline (with no additional reagent requirement)
  • Less steps optimizes technologist time and facilitates rapid reporting
  • Reduced number of offline tests saves time

Unique, Safe, Closed Consumable

  • No aerosols, splattering, or spills – optimized for user safety
  • Small, lightweight cards save on storage space
  • Reduce waste and biohazard disposal costs by 50%6


To provide faster, accurate results with improved allocation of resources and improved patient outcomes, VITEK® 2 uses an unique phenotype-based expert system - the ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM™ (AES). It has an extensive, evolving database of over 15,000 bug-drug combinations and over 3,800 phenotypes.

  • Automatic, standardized validation of every AST result for microbiology with confidence 
  • Identification of resistance mechanisms for antimicrobial therapy guidance and optimizes time by alerting for unusual results or unusual resistance patterns 
  • Activation of customizable, advanced reporting capabilities possible with bioMérieux Advanced Reporting Tool (BIOART)
  • Deduction of additional equivalent antibiotics, not present on panels

VITEK® 2 is part of VITEK® SOLUTIONS, a complete ID and AST portfolio to help labs and clinicians worldwide.



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VITEK® 2 ID & AST Cards Info Sheet