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Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Reagent Strips to Determine On-Scale MICs 

Clinicians often need more information than what primary AST can provide. Recognized around the world for their proven performance, ETEST® ready to use reagent strips determine on-scale MICs.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country. 


Proven Medical Value in the Face of Growing Resistance

ETEST® strips – the original gradient MIC strips – are considered a gold standard by many. The strips certainly uphold their dependable reputation when it comes to establishing the on-scale Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of antibiotics and antifungal agents. ETEST® is a predefined, stable gradient of 15 antimicrobial concentrations on a plastic strip. ETEST® has an extensive range of over 90 antimicrobial references available in the following categories: antibiotics, antifungals, and antimicrobial resistance detection (ARD).

ETEST® is a simple, cost-effective tool that offers MIC results to complement your routine antimicrobial susceptibility tests (AST) performed on VITEK® 2  systems, or other automated platforms or manual testing (Kirby-Bauer method) allowing you to:

  • Test new/non-routine antimicrobials
  • Determine the MIC of fastidious, or slow-growing micro-organisms
  • Confirm or detect low-level or new resistance mechanisms
  • Fine-tune antimicrobial treatment


The Trusted Original Gradient MIC Strips

The first gradient MIC strip of its kind, ETEST® continues to impress. Its documented performances have solidified its position as the trusted leader in the gradient MIC strip market. In fact, ETEST® is the gradient MIC strip gold standard.

Did you know?


>4,000 Scientific References from 50 Countries


Covering >2.9 Million Strains

15 ETEST® Strips Performed Every Minute

Global Customer Accessibility in >120 Countries

Versatile & Flexible: The Method of Choice to Supplement Your Main Primary Routine AST System

Most clinical laboratories use commercially available automated AST systems, such as VITEK® or disk diffusion as a primary means of AST. However, primary AST testing does not cover 100% of AST needs.

ETEST® is the most accurate solution for completing the AST profile:

  • For all new antimicrobials that are not accessible in a routine mode
  • For difficult organisms that can’t be tested by primary AST methods (e.g., fastidious, anaerobic, primary AST limitations, etc.) 
  • For drug/bug combinations that are not available 

ETEST® fills gaps that primary testing cannot cover:

  • Detecting low levels of resistance or new resistance mechanisms 
  • Fine-tuning antimicrobials treatment (MDROs, drug with narrow therapeutic index, critically ill patients, breakpoints zone, or ATU)
  • Detecting or confirming antimicrobial resistant phenotypes such as ESBL, MBL, AmpC*, or GISA/hGISA*

*For Research Use Only

Extended-Range MICs Spanning 15 Two-Fold Dilutions 

ETEST® provides full-range MICs spanning 15 two-fold dilutions for concentrations that are ideal for refining patient treatment in instances where routine AST methods are limited in one of the following ways:

  • Provides S, I, or R category results only
  • MIC results are off-scale (i.e., “<” or “>” results) and do not provide sufficient data for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) targeted dosing considerations

Easy-to-Use MIC Technique

ETEST® is easy to implement and use:

  • No software or specific skills required
  • Optional equipment available to standardize plate preparation and strip application
  • Individual testing – perfectly adapted for MIC testing for newly launched antimicrobials


ETEST® Equipments Designed to Standardize Your Setup and Save Time

Save time and increase reproducibility with ETEST® equipment and accessories designed to simplify the daily use of ETEST®.

ETEST® Equipment ReferenceDescription
Simplex C76™Ref. 559802

Automated applicator to rapidly apply ETEST® strips to agar plates in optimal, predetermined patterns.

  • Small or large plates (90 mm or 150 mm)
  • Up to 6 strips
  • < 12 seconds for 2 strips on a small plate
ETEST® Equipment ReferenceDescription
Retro C80™Ref. 559803

Rota-plater to optimize plate inoculation.

  • Small or large plates (90 mm or 150 mm)
  • Ellipse easier to read when compared to manual streaking
ETEST® Equipment ReferenceDescription
Nema C88™Ref. 559804Vacuum pen to aspirate ETEST® strip and position it on agar – simplifies the application of ETEST® strips on plate.
ETEST® Equipment ReferenceDescription
Mini Grip-ItRef. 411200Manual applicator to pick up ETEST® strips.

Specs & Resources


ETEST® Strips:

  • Over 90 antimicrobials in the following categories: Antibiotics, Antifungals, and Antimicrobial Resistance Detection (ARD)
  • Easy to implement in most clinical laboratories. Ready-to-use AST 
  • Predefined, and stable antimicrobial gradient (dry chemistry) 
  • Inert, non-porous plastic strip
  • Agar-based method with its advantages (e.g.: identify contamination...)
  • Large scale (15 antimicrobial concentrations)
  • Half dilution, accurate on-scale MICs value
  • Performances validated against a reference method


ETEST® Packaging Designed by bioMérieux to Suit Your Needs

SINGLE PACK: 30 Strips 

  • Individual strips packaging, easy opening, adapted to the low testing volume
ETEST Reading Scale

MULTIPACK: 100 Strips

  • 10 cartridges of 10 strips, perfectly adapted to high-volume testing
  • Cartridge compatible with the APPLICATOR SIMPLEX C76™
ETEST Reading Scale


ETEST® Brochure