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Meet Our Teams

Julian, Lab Efficiency Product Specialist

Julian has been working for bioMérieux Mexico since 2016, starting on a 3-month project that turned into a 4-year adventure. He works on a regional software, which enables connections between our bio-solutions.

Why did you turn towards a career in microbiology?

It had always been clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to microbiology: I used to play with chemistry games when I was a child - in fact, I still have them! (laughs)

But when I started my career, I didn’t know what kind of microbiologist I would become until I discovered pharmaco-biology and decided to follow this path. When I studied my Master's degree, I was inspired by two professors, who guided me towards the health industry.

What is the best thing about being a Product Specialist?

I can see the impact that our product has in the hospital and I receive direct feedback from infectiologists and doctors. For me it is a pleasure to be able to work on our product and add great value when we implement it in hospitals.

Have you had mentors at bioMérieux?

Yes, when I arrived in the Company, all the teams that I work with gave me endorsement and confidence. The message I got was that it didn't matter if I was wrong because there would always be someone who I could turn to and they would be there to support me.

How did you adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?

We had to make adjustments in the planning that we had had for half of the year, we began to work from home and shifted our activities, especially those that were typically done in person. I think that part was the most difficult, making the transition to not having face-to-face contact in a laboratory or hospital and replace it with a call or message. 

What would you say to colleagues joining bioMérieux?

I would tell them not to be afraid to communicate with the other teams, as I believe that communication within the company is essential. It is something that allows us to adapt better, and there is also that spirit of community and solidarity on which we can count at bioMérieux.

How would you summarize your experience at bioMérieux in 2 words?

Learning and experience. The opportunity to develop myself both in the field that I studied and in many others that I did not imagine I could explore!