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Meet Our Teams

Joy, Standing Up For Science

Originally joining the company in 2016 as a Business Development Manager, Joy became a Scientific Marketing Manager in mid-2018, a new role she was able to make her own. Earlier this year, Joy was promoted to Associate Director of Segment Marketing—a new challenge she is looking forward to.


​​​​​​​As a microbiologist with an immense passion for food safety and lifelong learning, Joy brings a distinctive perspective to marketing, scientific storytelling, and her team.

Her career is defined by moments that can inspire future generations of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

In each step of her career journey, and throughout her personal life, a consistent theme has emerged: standing up for science.

Joy’s passion for science began as early as she can remember through at-home science experiments and summer classes. This enthusiasm only continued to grow, leading Joy to volunteer opportunities in the microbiology lab at her local hospital (her first introduction to bioMérieux instruments), a degree in microbiology, and eventually discovering her interest in food microbiology and beginning her career. From building the food microbiology division at her previous company to diving head first into innovative, scientific roles at bioMérieux, Joy has consistently paved her own path and advocated for better science at every opportunity presented to her.

Understanding the importance of representation in the field of science, Joy is a proud advocate for women in STEM. She possesses not only the passion, but the skillset to bring people together for the common good and a shared mission.  



Joy’s dedication to science and food safety extends beyond her role at bioMérieux. She spent years in a volunteer chair position at the Chicago Section of IFT and currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Feeding Tomorrow.

One of my driving forces, just as a person, is that if I am not making an impact, something has to change.