VIDAS® range

VIDAS® is the most widely used immunoassay system in clinical laboratories worldwide. Its robust design and single-test concept make it well-adapted to all types of laboratories.

  • VIDAS® and its compact version, MINI VIDAS®, have an installed base of approximately 34,500 systems worldwide, including 29,500 in clinical laboratories.
  • VIDAS® 3 brings new features and enhanced automation. This new generation, was developed with healthcare professionals to meet their needs in a changing technical, organizational and regulatory environment. It provides:
    • greater autonomy: tests can be performed on demand, 24 hours a day and seven days a week,
    • a tailored solution with an intuitive touch screen interface,
    • enhanced automation including an integrated pipetting system,
    • improved traceability.

The technology

  • VIDAS® uses ELFA technology (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) and is based on the single-test concept.
    • VIDAS® changed the field of immunoassays, offering laboratories a simple and robust technique that delivers reliable and rapid results.
    • It can conduct all steps of biological testing automatically and detect and/or quantify:
      • antigens or toxins showing a viral or bacterial infection,
      • antibodies quantifying the immune response to infection,
      • markers for diseases such as cancer, metabolic diseases or hormonal disorders.
    • Tests can be carried out individually or in series.
    • Drawing on its expertise acquired in the field of clinical diagnostics, biomérieux has adapted the VIDAS® technology to serve the needs of industrial microbiological control laboratories in the agri-food sector.

bioMérieux's offering

The VIDAS® menu covers a wide range of pathologies, including infectious diseases and a range of tests dedicated to emergency and critical care. A number of these parameters are part of the bioMérieux full solution to address the global challenges of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and sepsis. As it enters into its fourth decade, VIDAS® remains a major focus of the bioMérieux immunoassay strategy with ongoing research into new parameters and frequent launches that create value for labs and clinicians, for the benefits of the patients.


The application of bacteriophage technology
to immunoassays 


  • Bacteriophages are viruses programmed exclusively to identify and infect a specific type of bacteria. 
  • Bacteriophage technology simulates the virus’ attack on the bacteria: the proteins recognize the targeted bacteria and bind to it.
  • bioMérieux was the first to use bacteriophage proteins for the targeted capture and detection of bacteria in a sample for microbiological control.

    This technology, integrated in our VIDAS® UP tests, brings:

  • detection tests with unrivalled performance levels (sensitivity, specificity, ease of use),
  • results obtained within 24 hours, instead of several days as is the case with reference methods.