Syndromic diagnosis

The syndromic approach represents a new line of attack against infectious diseases by using a single test for all the microorganisms most commonly responsible for an infectious disease. With BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® technology, bioMérieux is a pioneer and a leader in this field.

For most patients with an infectious disease, the first symptoms are not specific to the cause of infection: fever, diarrhea, coughing, headache, etc. The strategy to identify the responsible disease agent(s) has traditionally been based on testing for the most likely cause of a disease, waiting for test results and, if they are negative, repeating the process.

The challenge

For this reason, the syndromic approach, which uses a single test for all the microorganisms suspected of causing an infectious disease, brings an innovative response to the problem of diagnosing infectious diseases. It saves time when the disease is diagnosed and allows the patient to begin treatment sooner.

bioMérieux’s offer

The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® technology uses a single test for the simultaneous detection of bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that can cause an infectious disease, delivering results in 45 to 65 minutes.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® provides fast and accurate answers to physicians to speed up clinical decision making and improve patient care. It creates genuine added medical value, in particular in the event of critical infections for hospital laboratories in emergency situations and at the patient’s bedside.

The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® range now covers 4 major syndromes: respiratory infections including pneumopnia, gastrointestinal infections, meningitis/encephalitis and septicemia.

bioMérieux is actively pursing the expansion of the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® menu, which is the most comprehensive menu on the market today.


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