Supply and distribution

As a stakeholder in a 360° ecosystem, bioMérieux draws on a productive and collaborative relationship with its suppliers and distribution service providers so as to improve its HSE results.

bioMérieux collaborates with its network of suppliers and its logistics partners to improve the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment performance (HSE). 

Our HSE standards will gradually apply to our partners in order to support the implementation of a formalized HSE policy among our logistics service providers and our suppliers.

We continue to pursue initiatives in place since 2013 to optimize our carbon footprint.

  • Since 2016, we began taking new emissions categories into account: these include direct and indirect emissions as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, to which we have added emissions related to business travel, the home-to-work commute, and the transportation of goods between bioMérieux sites and our customers’ sites.
  • Since 2017, for certain long-distance shipments, maritime transportation has begun to replace air transportation. In late 2019, maritime transportation accounted for 34% of the total. This percentage remained steady at 32% in 2020, a time when global access to transportation was extremely challenged and the importance of rapid deliveries to meet emergency needs was vital.



Provide remote maintenance of our instruments

bioMérieux has introduced an ambitious program to provide remote maintenance of its instruments, which considerably reduces travel by technicians who provide remote assistance for some maintenance operations, customer services and IT updates of systems. The carbon footprint linked to the maintenance of the installed base is improved.