PREVI® Color Gram

An innovative technology and a breakthrough in the automation of microbiological analysis.

Optimizing laboratory productivity and providing clinicians with faster and more standardized results for better patient care.

Why it’s important

  • Gram staining is a critical and mandatory test performed in the microbiology laboratory.
  • It is a preliminary step used to differentiate between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • The Gram stain is particularly useful in the presumptive diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, gonorrhea, and infections of the brain, lung, abdomen, and wounds.
  • Traditional Gram staining is a fastidious and long procedure, requiring technical expertise, numerous manual steps and therefore lacking in reliability and reproducibility.

PREVI® Color Gram

  • bioMérieux developed a rapid, automated system for Gram staining that frees lab technicians’ time for more value-added tasks.
  • PREVI Color Gram is used for the automated gram staining of sample slides containing microorganisms.
  • Its innovative spray technology represents a breakthrough in the automation of microbiological analysis, enabling:
    • increased time-savings and standardization,
    • reliable results,
    • improved laboratory workflow,
    • substantial cost savings,
    • environmental protection: just enough reagent is used for the number of slides programmed and reagent waste is collected in a dedicated container.
  • PREVI Color Gram is part of bioMérieux’s range of fully-automated solutions for microbiology laboratories, including WASP®  (Walk Away Specimen Processor) for the automated inoculation of culture media.