Our vision of innovation

Innovation is not an option in the healthcare field, especially when it comes to in vitro diagnostics – it’s a requirement. Innovation is essential to meet public health challenges across the globe. 

Innovation, a priority for bioMérieux

At bioMérieux, innovation aims to reach two priority goals:

  • increase the medical and predictive value of the results delivered by our diagnostic tests. This means helping doctors quickly choose relevant therapeutic strategies that are adapted to each patient. In the field of industrial applications, this enables us to limit and anticipate contamination risks to ensure the safety of consumers;
  • improve laboratory workflow and optimize their overall operational performance.

Our priorities in the clinical sector

  • Combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Three-quarters of our R&D work focuses on AMR and over 80% of our product portfolio contributes to combatting antimicrobial resistance.

Our challenge is to enhance our portfolio with:

  • diagnostic solutions to identify and characterize pathogens and understand the host response;
  • software solutions that manage data (results, epidemiology, etc.) to deliver added value for microbiology laboratories and physicians (enhanced diagnostics) in order to improve patient care.
  • Anticipating the growing demand for decentralized testing

bioMérieux develops innovative technological methods in the field of molecular biology and immunoassays to anticipate the growing demand for reliable, rapid and decentralized diagnostic testing from healthcare professionals working in close proximity with patients, including in their homes.


  • Responding swiftly to epidemics

Thanks to our expertise in complementary diagnostic technology, our advances in DNA sequencing, our advanced data analysis tools and our highly-aligned organization, we are able to quickly respond to the urgent healthcare needs of populations, as we demonstrated in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Growing our portfolio of immunoassay and molecular biology solutions

bioMérieux is investing in the development of new tests with high medical value on its VIDAS® 3 platform, which offers new features and improved automation. The Company is also continuing its R&D efforts to develop new BIOFIRE® panels and enhance its ARGENE® range at a time when more and more laboratories are equipped with real-time PCR systems.

Our priorities in the industrial sector

  • Accelerating automated solutions and digitization

bioMérieux is constantly enriching its product offering in a context of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for microbiological quality controls, the therapeutic revolution in bioproduction, and cell and gene therapies. For several years, the Company has been investing in key expertise for our bio-pharmaceutical customers: automation, digitization, connectivity and the acceleration of rapid microbiological contamination control methods.

  • Developing predictive diagnostic solutions

In the field of agri-food product safety, we launched a predictive diagnostics program to transition from a detection model to a bacterial contamination prevention model. This program focuses on two main areas:

  • genomics and sequencing, in order to better understand pathogens and their source;
  • building predictive models using customer data to anticipate contamination risks.


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