Our innovation strategy

Innovation is one of the pillars of bioMérieux’s strategy, rooted in our longstanding entrepreneurial tradition. For over 55 years, our Company has been innovating to drive progress in pathogen detection and identification. True to our pioneering spirit, our R&D teams combine their knowledge of medicine with emerging techniques and new technologies to combat infectious diseases worldwide. 

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The investments we make in R&D support bioMérieux’s commitment to conduct cutting-edge research. Today we are recognized for our unique expertise and our position as world leader in microbiology for both clinical and industrial applications.


Our innovation strategy is designed to reach two goals:

  • Increase the medical value of clinical diagnostic tests and develop microbiological control solutions to address the needs of industry in an increasingly regulated sector. Our R&D efforts aim to deliver results even faster, and to develop tools for detecting new pathogens, tests to provide information with a high clinical value, and biomarkers for increasingly personalized treatments;
  • Improve laboratory workflows and optimize overall operational performance.

Our innovation approach is based on:

  • Internal innovation programs;
  • Multidisciplinary, international public and private collaborations with academic research institutions, the medical and scientific community, and cutting-edge biotech companies;
  • Pivotal strategic acquisitions that enhance our product portfolio with new technologies.

With our pioneering approach, bioMérieux has embraced the principles of open innovation, a model based on sharing knowledge and competencies while promoting cooperation among businesses. We take part in programs developed in countries that are the focal points of global research and leading expertise today. 


 Key figures

  • 1,800 employees working at 15 R&D centers worldwide
  • Numerous collaborative agreements in the countries focused on worldwide scientific and medical innovation
  • Around 30 patent applications filed each year