Our employees' success

Mérieux Université was launched in 2014 to support the professional development of the employees of the companies that are part of Institut Mérieux. It also ensures the transmission of a strong entrepreneurial culture and helps build bridges within the Group.

The head office of Mérieux Université is located west of Lyon near the bioMérieux headquarters. Its teams are active in three regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the Americas and Asia Pacific, where they provide core training courses. 

Our priority is blended learning, which combines complementary remote learning and face-to-face training approaches. In 2020, we are focused on improving our e-learning offering.

Training programs target key areas:

  • learning new job skills to keep pace with market trends, technologies and digitalization;
  • strengthening managerial practices in line with the bioMérieux culture and adopting an intercultural approach.


Employee skills training

These training programs cover a number of different functions in order to improve employees’ skills in line with the changing demands of their jobs and customer needs.

Programs are gradually being organized into “academies” to offer a genuine learning trajectory to employees worldwide, including skills acquisition and training to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow, and to develop their aptitudes as much as their attitudes. Another challenge we face is to provide more and more training courses that allow employees to earn a certificate or a degree, which facilitates their training record and their employability.


Organizational effectiveness

Mérieux Université also works with bioMérieux teams during team-building exercises designed to enhance the organization’s collective performance while helping to transform and improve the ways teams work together.


Management and leadership

  • New Leader Induction program: This training program for newly recruited managers fosters the development of a shared management culture while facilitating a successful transition. Since it was started in 2015, it has been an added feature in the Company’s attractiveness.
  • Fit for the Future program: This week of intensive training is a genuine talent booster, bringing together employees to work on topics that are of key interest to bioMérieux. They also attend presentations by renowned speakers from outside the Company. After six months, participants present a project for validation by the Management Committee and implementation of actions plans across the Company.
  • Managerial and relational culture: Mérieux Université also supports bioMérieux teams through courses on managerial and relational culture so that they can meet the challenges of working with collective agility and cross-functionality, making decisions and taking initiatives.

 Key figures*

  • 138,665 hours of training in 2020, equal to 11 hours per employee, for an average cost of 864€ per trained employee.
  • Percentage of employees with access to training: 92%

  • 24,909 hours of training provided by Mérieux Université to 2,997 bioMérieux employees.

* By late 2020