The world leader in microbiology, bioMérieux possesses unrivalled expertise, a unique international scientific network and an ambitious innovation strategy.

  • Microbiology is based on the culture in a medium enabling bacteria to multiply. It is an essential technology for the identification of any microorganism present in a biological sample and their susceptibility to the antibiotics tested.
  • It has encountered renewed interest due to:
    • the growing resistance of certain bacteria to antibiotics,
    • the introduction of new technologies and automated solutions:
      • providing more rapid results for faster clinical decisions
      • making the most relevant information easily accessible to clinicians,
      • significantly improving the operational efficiency of laboratories.

Why it’s important

Microbiology must respond to major public health challenges such as the development of bacterial resistance and the emergence of new pathogens.

  • Clinicians are becoming increasingly reliant on information from microbiology laboratories as resistance to antibiotics makes therapeutic decisions more complex.
  • The rapid identification of the bacterium responsible for an infection and the antibiotics effective against this bacterium can have an impact on a patient's survival.
  • Tests allow physicians to choose the appropriate treatment and avoid the inappropriate use of antibiotics, which drive the development of antimicrobial resistance.

Laboratory managers are faced with increasing regulatory requirements (clearances) and also need to adress the financial burden on healthcare budgets, handle ever-increasingly complex workflow with a smaller workforce and, in many cases, fewer skilled technicians.

Our product offering

  • bioMérieux innovates to address the challenges facing the microbiology lab and provide clinicians with precise, rapid and relevant information for better patient care. We are at the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative automated solutions that have, during the past decade, significantly reduced the time needed to provide test results.
  • bioMérieux relies on its long-standing expertise in microbiology, while integrating emerging technologies. We focus on:
    • reducing time-to-results,
    • developing new reagents to expand the range of bacteria that can be detected by our systems and identify resistant bacteria,
    • creating tests to analyze the susceptibility of bacteria to new antibiotics launched by the pharmaceutical industry,
    • developing new culture media,
    • automating the microbiology lab,
    • strengthening connectivity within laboratories.
  • bioMérieux's product offering, which extends from manual to automated methods, is the most comprehensive on the market. Our offer covers:
    • ​Culture;
    • Detection;
    • Bacterial identification;
    • Antibiotic susceptibility testing.