Industrial Microbiological Control

Diagnostic tests meet the stringent requirements of the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The manufacture of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products is subject to very strict levels of control to guarantee the microbiological quality and composition of products. These microbiological tests are carried out throughout the production process, from raw material to finished product, to check:

  • sterility: products must not contain any microorganisms,
  • absence of pathogenic bacteria,
  • non-proliferation of commensal bacteria (present in humans in normal circumstances and harmless in low concentrations) above a certain threshold.

The production environment (air, water) is also monitored at regular intervals using diagnostic tests. According to regulations certain products, such as injectable medications, must be sterile to be commercialized. This requirement is met by testing the raw materials, the product during manufacturing, the production environment as well as the finished product. The thoroughness of these tests ensures product quality and consumer safety.

bioMérieux solutions

bioMérieux offers a host of solutions for the agri-food, biopharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, in the following areas:

  • food safety,
  • quality control,
  • traceability,
  • sterility testing,
  • water testing,
  • air testing,
  • testing the production environment.