First Global Point Prevalence Survey of Hospital Antibiotic Use and Resistance

In 2015, the first global Point Prevalence Survey (PPS) initiative will provide a unique overview of antibiotic use and resistance worldwide.

This important global survey will help to:

  • Continually improve healthcare quality;
  • Combat antibiotic resistance;
  • Improve antibiotic use for better patient health.

During the 4th World HAI/Resistance Forum held in 2013, bioMérieux committed to support one of the priority actions established by the experts to address the challenges of antimicrobial resistance. As a result, the Company is therefore proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the global Point Prevalence Survey.

The survey intends to provide a unique “snapshot” of the global burden of antibiotic consumption and resistance. It is supervised by a European Task Force of leading experts and coordinated by the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Preliminary results were presented during the 5th Forum in June 2015, and a poster was presented at the ID Week Congress in San Diego, Oct. 7-11, 2015. A final report should be available by November, coinciding with Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015.

Global-PPS poster presenting preliminary results

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The Global Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance (GLOBAL-PPS) project is an ambitious project expanding the standardized and validated European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption (ESAC) Point Prevalence Surveillance method of data collection that will be used at a global level to monitor rates of antimicrobial prescribing and resistance in infections in hospitalized patients.



1. Determine variation in drug and dose by indications of antimicrobial prescribing in hospitalized adults, children and neonates in different hospitals / countries worldwide;

2. Determine antimicrobial variation among wards or specialties and different settings (hospital type,

geographical variation);

3. Evaluate and improve the quality of antimicrobial prescribing through the implementation of continuous improvement programs, and through repeated PPS to measure progress achieved.


Critical benefits for the hospital and its patients

The GLOBAL-PPS provides a tool to:

  • Evaluate antimicrobial prescribing practices in hospitals around the globe;
  • Identify areas of improvement, particularly in terms of antimicrobial prescribing;
  • Change prescribing practice and measure impact of interventions through repeated PPS.



The GLOBAL-PPS shall establish a global network for point prevalence surveys and aims to include as many hospitals from as many countries as possible and from all continents.