Corporate University

Mérieux Université is an organization dedicated to collaboration and training for Institut Mérieux’s entities. It is also open to external companies and institutions.

Share our knowledge and our values, for excellence and permanent progress.

Mérieux Université was created based on the values and unique competencies of Institut Mérieux, which has a very strong managerial and entrepreneurial tradition that we wish to pass on and maintain across all Institut Mérieux entities. In addition, we would like to share this tradition with any companies that are involved in a continuous improvement approach.

The head office of Mérieux Université is located west of Lyon near the bioMérieux headquarters. Mérieux Université also provides training in the 3 regions of the Company: Americas, Europe - Middle East - Africa, Asia Pacific. 

The objectives of Mérieux Université are to:

  • Develop talent,
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness, entrepreneurial leadership and a culture of excellence,
  • Break down the barriers between the scientific, industrial, and academic worlds,
  • Create development programs that are open to outside businesses and communities of specialists whose expertise is complementary to our own.

Based on the Group’s entrepreneurial culture, Mérieux Université develops training programs inside and outside the company targeting managers who wish to fulfill their duties with a sense of daring and a view to ensuring a sustainable collective performance.
It also provides personalized team support to foster your employees’ entrepreneurial spirit and help team members adapt to a professional world marked by constant change.

Mérieux Université relies on the management principles that form the pillars of the Institut Mérieux’s industrial adventure:

  • Serve the public interest;
  • Be bold and be responsible;
  • Share and understand how to pass along knowledge;
  • Promote a long-term vision;
  • Aim for excellence.

For more information, visit the Mérieux Université website.