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Beyond the Test: a new Era in the Pet Food Safety Industry !

Pet Food

Pets are part of the family and they deserve the very best! With a growing demand of Premium & nutritious products, Petfood manufacturers must continually innovate new formulas and implement even higher standards of Food Safety to meet evolving regulations. Dry Petfood and minimally processed Petfood which are the largest growing categories in the market are also the ones of higher microbial risks. As required by regulators, in order to limit potential transfer of contamination to pet owners, deliver pathogen-free products is a new huge challenge for Petfood manufacturers.  

Moreover, understand and master the microbiome of the factory is key for Petfood manufacturers to lead them limit massive sanitization and potential chemical residues in finished products that can affect pets who are much more sensory sensitive than humans.

Pet Food

To control and minimize all these risks, extensive daily microbial testing throughout the production process combined with rigorous environmental monitoring are required, that can be very expensive. Current controls based on testing alone and risk detection have limitations. Today’s ever-increasing food safety and pet owner demand challenges demand new, innovative solutions to grow their business and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

With decades of expertise and the most comprehensive family of diagnostic solutions,

bioMérieux understands the challenges facing Petfood producers – and the limitations of today’s tests. That is why we created AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS.

AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS is a revolutionary new approach to food safety & quality that combines our core microbiology testing portfolio together with the latest Molecular & Genomic methodologies, Data Science and Bio-informatics tools. This unique suite of solutions amplifies traditional microbiology testing with data analysis enabling our AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS experts to unlock actionable insights throughout the entirety of their production process. By adopting AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS, Petfood makers obtain comprehensive information, in easily understandable formats, in the shortest possible time to help them improve raw material and supplier risk management, prevent cross-contamination, and ultimately protect the health of our precious pets.

As a trusted partner in AUGMENTED DIAGNOSTICS, we are uniquely positioned at the forefront of delivering game changing solutions to improve risk management, prevent future incidents, and sustain business performance.

Product List

  • GENE-UP®

    Automated Pathogen Detection

    Our real-time PCR solution simplifies workflows, decreases cross-contamination risks, and gives you rapid results that speed up critical manufacturing decisions.
  • VIDAS® KUBE™ Automated Food Pathogens Detection


    VIDAS® KUBE™’s adaptable automation helps your lab to be more productive, more accurate, and at the forefront of innovation—all-in-one simplifed platform.
  • TEMPO® Quality Indicator Solution

    Automated Quality Indicator Solution

    TEMPO® is a fully automated enumeration system that tests quality indicators in food products and environmental samples within your laboratory.
  • MASTERCLAVE® Media Preparator    

    Broth and Culture Media Preparation

    MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that improves your laboratory workflow, from media to sample preparation.

    Automated Sample Dilution

    The DILUMAT® dilution system is designed to ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks, standardizing your sample preparation and evolving with your needs.
  • PMi™

    Systems for more efficient tube, bottle and plate filling

    The PMi™ (High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser) brings greater efficiency and precision to your culture media preparation. You can fill tubes, bottles or plates manually with PMi™.
  • ENVIROMAP® Automated Environmental Monitoring

    Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program

    ENVIROMAP® is a secure, cloud-based system that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program and assists with the entire sampling lifecycle.

  • GENE-UP® Pathogenic E. coli

    Unrivaled Accuracy

    GENE-UP® Pathogenic E. Coli (PEC) brings accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use detection for the top pathogenic strains that threaten public health and brand reputation. In just 60 minutes after enrichment, you get unrivaled accuracy and rapid results.
  • GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella

    True Quantification

    GENE-UP® QUANT Salmonella brings efficiency and ease with accurate quantification of Salmonella. With no incubation or enrichment required, you get reliable results with true quantification for informed and efficient intervention decisions.