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Supply service


We know how to optimize supply operations, prevent shortage and waste, and monitor your supply performance for optimal results. We will work alongside you to simplify your supplies and guarantee the availability of key products, ensuring the efficient continuity of your activities.
We serve customers in more than 160 countries, and process 1 million orders per year. Our experts prepare and ship your order in full compliance with the strictest regulatory and quality standards.

Product Details

Our goal is to build a solid partnership, allowing us to customize our service offer to suit your needs and exacting requirements.

Supply Chain Services

We have developed a complete catalog of Supply Chain services that can be fully personalized to your specific needs, enabling us to support you in your daily missions and key responsibilities. Here you will find a few examples of key services we can offer. However, a full catalog is available on demand.
bioMérieux cares about providing you with an ecofriendly supply chain. Over the past few years, we have committed to reducing CO2 emissions through various projects and initiatives. Sustainable development remains a key organizational priority today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.



Stock management optimization:
Efficiency & Time saving
  • VMI : Vendor Managed Inventory – We manage and oversee replenishment on your behalf
  • Express delivery : Get priority delivery on critical products (i.e – overnight)
  • Order consolidation : Place multiple orders and receive them in one single shipment
  • Time slot : Agree on a delivery date and time that suits your schedule
  • Monolot : One single batch delivered for several product range
Adaptation to your needs:
Partnership and Customization
  • Order tracking: Track & trace your orders at any time and on any device
  • Extended expiry date: Receive a fresher shelf life to ease your product rotation
  • Customized Packaging: Select materials and dimensions that fit your business processes
  • KPI & Dashboard: Control and steer your replenishment activities to improve ROI
  • Temperature Loggers: Efficiently manage your cold chain and compliance process
  • Dedicated contact: Proactive support and specific care with your needs in mind


Brochure - bioMérieux Supply Chain Services - Optimize your supply operations. Focus on what matters to your business.


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