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Pasteurized Milk & Cream

Pasteurized milk products are liquid products made from milk and cream intended for use directly by consumers. 

Pasteurized Milk & Cream

Clarification, pasteurization and cooling are the several steps required for the processing of consumer milk products. Milk is highly susceptible to bacterial contamination, so maintaining high quality standards and clean processing environments are high priorities for manufacturers. To reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, as well as streamline your workflows, bioMérieux can assist you through our highly-flexible and cost-effective microbiological testing solutions.

Product List


    Your Solution for Automated Microbial Identification

    The VITEK® 2 Compact system offers quality control testing solutions for fast and accurate microbial identification. With technology that includes an extensive and robust identification database, rapid results, and minimal training time, it will streamline laboratory workflow for increased productivity.
  • VITEK® MS Rapid Identification of Microorganisms

    Improve Your Productivity and Increase Confidence

    VITEK® MS was developed for its rapid identification of microorganisms for the pharmaceutical,personal care, and food industries. Suitable for industrial manufacturers and pharmaceutical laboratories who work with microbial identification, our knowledge base contains the most frequently encountered organisms in pharmaceutical, food and animal health applications.
  • VITEK® MS PRIME MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry System

    Superior Workflow. Prime Results.

    The VITEK® MS PRIME is the next level of automated MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry system, that allows an accurate identification to the species-level.

  • eGENE-UP® Lysis and RNA/DNA Purification

    Keep your customers safe

    The eGENE-UP® system enables high-quality Lysis and RNA/DNA purification to enhance the detection of foodborne pathogens across a wide array of targets.