The Quality Department provides support to the Company’s business activities.

The Quality Department contributes to:

  • A high-performance quality management system in compliance with both our customers’ demands and the requirements of regulatory bodies (FDA, France’s ANSM drug regulatory agency, and other regulatory authorities) and with bioMérieux’s strategy;
  • Customer satisfaction by guaranteeing that our products and services are compliant;
  • Carefully overseeing when necessary the management of any anomalies or non-compliance.

Each bioMérieux entity (subsidiary, production or research site) has its own Quality Manager appointed by the Company’s senior management. Along with his or her teams, the Quality Manager is responsible for the application and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System. Our Quality Network is made up of several hundred employees working across the globe.

We especially seek to fill the following positions:

  • Quality managers;
  • Quality management system specialists;
  • Quality engineers;
  • Quality auditors;
  • Document managers.


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