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Commercial Operations

Our commercial teams bring to market our portfolio of solutions for clinical and industrial applications.



  • For Clinical Applications: we define bioMerieux market strategy addressing emerging trends and building relevant solution portfolio. We provide driven business guidance in alignment with our Company vision and our cross-selling ambition. We advance the value of bioMérieux diagnostic solutions to improve patient outcomes and address unmet medical needs .
  • For Industrial Applications: we explore and shape the solutions of the future for food and pharma quality control leveraging state of the art biotechnologies and data analytics. We Manage Product lifecycle for existing solutions based on competitive insights and market trends.


  • For Clinical Applications: we collaborate on a large scale on delivering our customer value proposition. We drive revenue growth and overall customer satisfaction focusing on customer testing needs, transforming data into insights, supporting medical decisions and thus addressing major public health challenges. 
  • For Industrial Applications: we build long term partnership with key industry players and leverage the value of our solution portfolio to build sustainable and profitable growth.

Customer & Field Service

  • For Clinical Applications: as trusted partner, we deliver high-quality support and services to our customers through empowered and highly skilled teams. We provide the best customer service experience in the daily use of our solutions.
  • For Industrial Applications : we lead complex implementation projects at customer site coordinating multiple expertise to provide the best customer experience in the daily use of our solutions.