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A unique and meaningful experience

Quote from Narjis: bioMérieux has a great purpose: helping make the world a healthier place. But bioMérieux also helped me to make my life a bette one! I have been offered a safe place to work with opportunity to grow and reach my full potential! I feel lucky, proud and grateful every single day.

We care about our team members

We wouldn’t be able to claim helping make the world a healthier place without ensuring our team members are safe and are given the keys to take care of their own health

  • To ensure their physical health, all team members are covered by generous health insurances
  • Our workspaces are designed to ensure team members’ safety, health and well-being
  • All our team members have access to a free, 24/7 platform for psychological support
  • We actively seek to promote a healthy balance of work contributing to both physical and mental well-being. For example, all office team members can enjoy at least 2 days of flexible home-office every week.
  • Every two years, we ask all 14,000 team members about their work experience at bioMérieux. Their feelings, expectations and ideas serve as a base for programs to improve their experience and ensure they remain fully engaged.

Be your true self in stimulating work atmospheres

Our teams are spread across the globe! That means that by working with us, you’ll benefit from a diverse and multicultural environment. It’s important that you feel safe to bring your true self into work everyday and your own piece of diversity and uniqueness to our Company – as for us, we will do everything to ensure that you feel included, respected, supported and valued.

Our managers are specifically trained to help team members reach their full potential and energize the organization by defining vision and common objectives that help reach our ambition. 

Quote from Brandong: I feel inspired to come to work every day because of the inclusive environment that my leader and team create.

Grow as a professional – and an individual.

Promoting a growth mindset for our team members to keep growing throughout their career is key for us. And because we give as much importance to getting things done as to how they are done, we provide soft skills trainings that align with our Company culture.

Every career is not a straight line! Working with a large, international Company also means a world of opportunities for internal mobility.


Have an impact on public health – and more!

Everything we do connects to acting for a positive impact and we make it a priority to give back to local communities. We’re happy to give the opportunity to willing team members to do just the same! 

  • Our team members are encouraged to partner with local NGOs to lead projects with our Endowment Fund for Education. As project partners, a portion of their working time is dedicated to the project follow-up.
  • In addition, French team members can dedicate 2 half-days of work every year to volunteer and help local vulnerable populations.