Job Profiles

Behind the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of our products are nearly 200 different jobs.

Candidates’ know-how and agility are very important. The ability to adapt to change, be a team player and embrace our corporate culture is fundamental. We are interested in candidates who can adapt to various types of situations and who are focused on performance and finding solutions.

bioMérieux employees are very likely to work with colleagues based in a different country, either on their team or when involved in a transversal project  Consequently, they must be able to work together remotely, in project mode, and be receptive to different cultural backgrounds

We have earned an international reputation for the expertise of our teams. Yet in order for us to manufacture the instruments on which our tests run, to develop the integrated software our automated systems require, and to sell our products and services, we recruit individuals coming from extremely diverse backgrounds to work in several major professional divisions:

The work is not repetitive and we are assigned many different kinds of projects, especially continuous improvement. There is a lot more to my job than it might seem. It’s great to be involved in the first stages of manufacturing a product.

Julie Meyer
Production Technician


I like the different aspects of my job, which allow me to work as part of a team to obtain results and manage our activity today and tomorrow. Production is not simply a matter of pressing a button. We have a responsibility to the ‘end user’ – the patient.

Yannick Verne
Production Activity Manager


I’m proud to be part of a company with such strong roots and human values. I work in a dynamic environment with many opportunities for career growth and development. Creating the Mérieux Université training center shows just how important employee training and development are for the Company.

Deirdre Hogan
Project Accounting Coordinator




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